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LoCoMoGo Train by Locomogo

Being a parent makes you take a deeper look to the toys you normally see at the toy shops, not all of them are appropriate for your children’s taste or age. I always loved playing with games/toys, but having a little one makes me look at them in a more fussy way, I am always looking for toys that will make him learn while he is having fun, but not all the toys can fit in both. I am sure that if you know us, you know how my son is obsessed with trains, oh yes, at home we only have trains and maps, if he is not playing with his train set, he is asking for the countries and their flags…
So, when I discovered the Kickstarter LoCoMoGO I knew that I couldn’t resist to be one of the backers, even if the price is not “cheap” I think this is a toy that my son will love and will learn a lot with it, take a look.

Children can start having fun right away with the LoCoMotive by creating their unique train tracks using tape. The Color Car then enables them to learn basic code logic, entirely screen-less. Each additional train car adds a new function and is programmable through the LoCoMoGo app, therefore, creating more and more fun opportunities to play and code with.

For now there are three different types of cars…

I’ll say it again that this is not a cheap campaign, but I think that the value of the toy for my kid is much more than the money I will pay for it, of course if you like the project it is your decision how many cars do you want and how much do you want to spend. But, let’s be honest, this is an original and interesting toy for any age, from a young one till a 9/10 years old, so sometimes even if you have to invest a little bit more than you expect it’s worth it, don’t you think?

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