Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

For Better, For Worse by Jane Isaac

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Aria Fiction
Rating: 4 /5

About The Book

Stuart Ingram was once a respected local councillor…
The first time the police knocked on Gina’s door, they arrested her husband.
The second time, they accused him of child abuse.
But he died a guilty man.
This time, the police are here for Gina –to tell her that her husband is dead. Murdered, just two weeks before his trial.
Gina always stood by her husband. Even when everyone else walked away. She believed the trial would clear his name. But now Stuart is dead.
And his wife is the suspect. It’s a race against time for DC Beth Chamberlain to uncover the truth– especially when a second man turns up dead.

My Thoughts

DC Beth Chamberlain has a new case to investigate, the murder of Stuart, a man who was waiting for trial. Who could want someone killed before the trial?
This is not my first case with DC Beth Chamberlain and I’ll admit that I really like her style and twisted cases, there are always surprises and interesting themes to think about, really worth the read.
This is not an easy case to read, what should you do when the law ignores the victim? It’s not an easy theme to talk, because I don’t think there’s a white or black solution. You can not take the law on your own hands, because this way you are acting far worse than the first “culprit” but, who can stay without doing anything and watching the society looking to the other side when someone you care has been brutalized? No, I don’t think there’s a correct answer of what to do, the police? the law? If everything fails the only answer is you?
As you can see this will not be an easy case, difficult to discover what has really happened, you will ask yourself how to look at the killer’s face without a little bit of shame. Beth will be brave as always to ask as many questions as possible to discover the truth, this time she will have the almost full support of her colleagues and chief. There will be some surprises on her personal life and her sister, Eden, will have a small part on it. As I said on the previous book, I don’t like her at all, maybe in the next story she will change? We’ll see…
I really liked this book, I finished it in just one night, easy to read, to be part of the investigation and to discover what has really happened. If you are looking for an interesting police procedural book, believe me, this is your book! Ready?

About The Author

Jane Isaac is married to a serving detective and they live in rural Northamptonshire, UK with their daughter, and dog, Bollo.