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Impossible by Tracey Corderoy and Tony Neal

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

Impossible by Tracey Corderoy and Tony Neal

Genre: Picture Book
Publisher: Little Tiger

About The Book

Dog longs to visit the seaside. But the ocean is MILES away. “Impossible!” he sighs.
Then a lost crab appears and needs help to get home. Will Dog take this chance to make his dream come true?


My Thoughts

How many times in your adult life have you said this is “Impossible” so I can’t do it? This is the book you need to understand that:

“It’s impossible if I say it is…”

Because this is so true! As an adult we always grow big and thick walls around ourselves that we need someone from the outside to show us that there’s nothing impossible if we really want it!
This is the perfect picture book for little ones to have the trip of their life in their comfy sofa; Dog and his new friend Crab will have the trip of their lives to the Ocean, it will not be easy, but the memories they will make together will last forever.
Since I have this book my son can’t wait for me to read it again and again; the illustrations are colourful and full of little details to talk with him and learn new things. The characters are easy to love and any reader will want to help them, Doug with his adult responsibilities and Crab with the need to return home. But what surprised me most is how with just a few words the book shows us that we should never say that anything is Impossible, our little ones should always try to follow their dreams no matter how hard it could be, because if they don’t try it, their life possibly will never be the same.
Even if this is a summer book, full of sun and hot weather, I think that it will fit any season, it makes you want to travel and enjoy your dream; because the only important think is that you’ll have the perfect company on your side to conquer all your dreams.
Impossible is the only possible option you have now to have the trip of your life and all in one single book, ready?

About the Author

Tracey Corderoy lives near Gloucester in the Cotswolds with her family and a host of lively, lovely pets. Once a trained primary school teacher, Tracey is now an award-winning writer. She loves visiting schools, libraries and bookshops, bringing her stories to life with bright, engaging events, and inspiring children to want to be writers too!

About the Illustrator

Tony Neal’s passion for art has lead to a blooming career in children’s book illustration. He is currently living in the South Leicestershire countryside. When not working, he enjoys a spot of fishing, spicy food and rocking out on his bass guitar in a local band.


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