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The Hopes and Dreams of Libby Quinn – Blog Tour

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

The Hopes and Dreams of Libby Quinn

Genre: Romance
Publisher: Boldwood Books
Source: Rachel Random Resources

About The Book

Libby Quinn is sick and tired of being sensible.
After years of slogging her guts out for nothing at a PR company, she finds herself redundant and about to plough every last penny of her savings into refurbishing a ramshackle shop and making her dream of owning her own bookshop become a reality.
She hopes opening ‘Once Upon A Book’ on Ivy Lane will be the perfect tribute to her beloved grandfather who instilled a love of reading and books in her from an early age.
When her love life and friendships become even more complicated – will Libby have the courage to follow her dreams? Or has she bitten off more than she can chew?

My Thoughts

I always dreamed of having my own bookshop, so reading this story felt like a little part of my dream was fulfilled thanks to Libby! Because who doesn’t love books and romance in their life?
This is a sweet story, how the main character, Libby Quinn, is ready to follow her and her beloved grandfather’s dream, opening a bookshop. The story is centered in a small town in Ireland, where everyone knows everything and there are no secrets between them, but at the same time is like all are part of the same family, helping always!
The story is so easy to read and engage, Libby is a very easy character to like and understand; she has always loved books and after being redundant at her work decides to try to make her dream come true, having her own bookshop. Let’s say that even if it isveasy to say, not everyone has the courage to follow their dreams, so with just this big step Libby gained me at the first page. Between all the repairs and changes in the bookshop we will read Libby’s relation with her parents, her grandpa and her boyfriend, making the story really easy to follow and to be captivated.
If you are looking for a book of hope and dreams, this is perfect, because it will give you the energy you need to make the changes you always wanted to do but always being afraid of!
Ready to enter The Hopes and Dreams of Libby Quinn?

About the Author

Freya Kennedy lives in Derry, Northern Ireland, with her husband, two children, two cats and a mad dog called Izzy. She worked as a journalist for eighteen years before deciding to write full time.
When not writing, she can be found reading, hanging out with her nieces and nephews, cleaning up after her children (a lot) and telling her dog that she loves her. She has met Michael Buble and even kissed him. It was one of her best ever moments. She believes in happy ever afters.
Freya Kennedy is a pen name for Claire Allan, who also writes psychological thrillers.


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