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A Wedding in the Olive Garden by Leah Fleming – Blog Tour

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

 A Wedding in the Olive Garden by Leah Fleming

Genre: Romance
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Amazon, Hive

About The Book

Sara Loveday flees home and crisis to the beautiful island of Santaniki. Here, amid olive groves and whitewashed stone villas, where dark cypress trees step down to a cobalt blue sea, Sara vows to change her life. Spotting a gap in the local tourist market, she sets up a wedding plan business, specialising in ‘second time around’ couples.
For her first big wedding, she borrows the olive garden of a local artists’ retreat, but almost at once things begin to go wrong. To make matters worse, a stranger from Sara’s past arrives on the island, spreading vicious lies. Can her business survive? And what will happen with the gorgeous new man who she’s begun to love?
This is a gorgeous, warm-hearted and uplifting novel conjuring the local colour, traditions and close bonds of island life.

My Thoughts

If you are eager for a trip during these weird days, this is a book you have to start reading right now! Full of colours and food, you’ll be transported to the beautiful and sunny Santaniki, don’t be surprised if you buy a plane ticket to travel there after reading the book! 😉
I always think that some happiness and romance is good for anyone, in this case, this is a “happy” story, not only for the characters and the plot but for all the atmosphere of the story. You can almost feel the sun on your skin and to smell the delicious food!
This is the story of Sara Loveday, who after splitting with her boyfriend decides to take some holidays in Greece… but she decides to take a step further and start a wedding planner business there. As she starts planning her first wedding, we will discover the traditions of the villagers and their routines, feeling part of Santaniki and never wanting to leave! She will meet the enigmatic Griff, the sparks will flow since the beginning, but both of them seem to have secrets and not ready to share them… Maybe they will heal each other? Or they will end as simply friends? Of course you’ll have to read the book if you want to know what happens!
I read this book in just one stand, it was warm and bright, just what I was looking for on these dark days. A Wedding in The Olive Garden is the little sunshine you need in your life, believe me.

About The Author

After careers in teaching, catering, running a market stall, stress management courses in the NHS as well as being a mother of four, Leah Fleming found her true calling as a storyteller. She lives in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales but spends part of the year marinating her next tale from an olive grove on her favourite island of Crete.
She was short listed for the Romantic Novel of the Year in 1998 and for The People’s Choice Pure Passion Award 2010 for Remembrance Day.
Her epic tales cover centuries and many generations with a strong sense of place and time. The Captain’s Daughter, a Titanic drama won the 2012 Premio Roma Award for Translated Fiction. The Girl Under The Olive Tree has been translated into at least 6 languages. Her latest novels are The Heart of the Garden, The Glovemaker’s Daughter, The Olive Garden Choir and The Wedding Dress Maker are out now.

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