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Another Us by Kirsten Hesketh – Blog Tour

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

Another Us by Kirsten Hesketh

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Canelo
Source: Love Books Group

About The Book

What if Emma isn’t the person she thought she was?
Her younger son has just been diagnosed with autism.
She’s accidentally quit her job.
The marriage she was dedicated to suddenly seems like a sham.
She’s pretty sure that she is going to have an affair with a hot new dad at the school.
The only thing that stays the same is everyone else. Emma realises it’s not them – it’s her. But if she’s not who she thought she was, can her old life fit in with the new Emma?

My Thoughts

I don’t think life is easy, if you add a marriage and child on top of it there’s always trouble! But don’t get me wrong, I am married with a son, this doesn’t mean that my life is always happy and with rainbows, we all struggle sometimes and have fights other times, but this is life! So, if there are problems in your marriage and your son is diagnosed with autism, no matter how hard you try to be ok, your world will crumble on your feet.
Don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful story, with funny moments and real feelings that make you understand the real weight of being diagnosed with an illness without a cure, autism.
I really liked how the author, Kirsten Hesketh, has written this heavy and powerful story with freshness and a human touch. As I said before, having a family is never easy, and knowing that your child is ill will always make the parents guilty, not because they are but the fear of not having done everything correctly and as a result their children are ill. This is Emma’s trip to discover what’s really having a child with Asperger and how to continue to be happy with themselves, not easy, I will never say this, step by step their life will continue, with ups and downs, but with acceptance.
This is a bittersweet story, powerful and touching that will make you want to hug your loved ones for a long time. Ready?

About the Author

Kirsten has a background in advertising and now runs her own consultancy specialising in psychological interviewing and focus groups. Over the past 25 years, she has interviewed the Great British public on everything from Rolos to razors and vacuums to Viagra.
Kirsten is married with a son and a daughter and two exceptionally fluffy moggies. She is a keen amateur archaeologist and loves to spend her weekends hacking through the mud on a local Roman dig. She is also a staunch supporter of Wycombe Wanderers – especially when they are winning!


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