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The Book of Us by Andrea Michael – Blog Tour

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

The Book of Us by Andrea Michael

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: One More Chapter
Source: Rachel’s Random Resources

About The Book

We’ve got some important things to talk about. It’s time. Cass and Loll used to be inseparable. They met at university and they made sense, like two halves of a whole. They had planned their lives around each other, writing down their dreams in The Big Book of Our Life–the things they wanted to achieve, the places they’d go after they finished university. But then one night changed everything.Seven years later, Loll receives a letter from her old friend. The coming year will be the year they both turn 30, but Loll might be making it to 30 alone. Cass has cancer. Loll had believed she would have her whole life to come to terms with Cass’ betrayal, but time is running out. Cass’ final wish is to complete The Big Book of Our Life, but has enough time passed to heal old wounds?

My Thoughts

This book has touched me deeply, at the end of this month it will be 3 years since my mum passed away with cancer, I’ll admit that this had not been an easy read but it made me remember how precious are the memories I have of her. And I hope that it will make remember any reader how precious is life and the memories we have with our loved ones.
This is a story of friendship, Cass and Loll met at the university and since the first moment they were friends, but after one night everything changed… Now, 7 years later, this “friendship” will end, Cass has cancer. But she is not yet ready to leave, she wants to fulfill all the dreams she and Loll had planned on their “Big Book”. They both have to solve their past problems, but Cass is not ready to leave without leaving some precious memories to her daughter, and will ask Loll to help her make every minute special and precious for her. Will they be able to heal their wounds and make new happy memories?
This is a bittersweet story, full of love, life and friendship, not always easy to read but so easy to feel part of the story and want to change the fate for them; because dreaming is free, don’t you think? I know that a sad story is not always what we look in a book, but sadness is part of our life, making it more precious and remember that everything has an end.
This book will take you to the sadness of the world but always in a happy way, because this is the only way I think anyone can beat pain, to never forget the beautiful moments and people in our life.
Ready to discover “The Book of Us”?

About the Author

Andrea Michael writes books to explore complicated relationships. Having trained in using writing f or therapy, she really believes in the magic of stories to change your life. Failing that, sparkling wine and obnoxious sing – a – longs also do the trick. Andrea works in content marketing, and runs Writing for Wellbeing workshops. She lives in Hertfordshire with her fiancé and their crazy cat, and can be found reading in a comfy corner or digging something at the allotment. You may also know her from her romantic comedies written as A L Michael. Andrea is represented by Hayley Steed at Madeleine Milburn. The Book of Us is her thirteenth book. She’s hoping it’s lucky.

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