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Perfume Paradiso by Janey Jones – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2019? Take a look…

Perfume Paradiso by Janey Jones

Genre: Fiction
Source: Love Books Group
Publisher: Black & White Publishing
Amazon, Hive

About The Book

One week in Italy. One week to make her dreams come true . . .
Romance is the last thing on Charlotte Alexander’s mind. Her perfume business is flourishing. And a glamorous new life in New York awaits. Just one more thing is needed: a supply of artisan lavender for her trademark scent.
But when Charlotte stumbles across the infuriating and infuriatingly handsome Alessio Rossini, her plans begin to fall apart. With New York finally in reach . . . should she follow her dreams or her heart?
A captivating, feelgood summer romance set in the beautiful Italian countryside.

My Thoughts

Making perfume is something that always intrigued me, how is it possible to create something so amazing only with flowers? How they can mix the perfect amount of oils and plants to create something so perfect?
Perfume Paradiso is a story of magic, but not the magic from the “movies”, the real one, the magic to create something with your own hands or the magic you feel when you meet an amazing person. For me this is the real magic, something that you can’t explain, the joy and happiness that makes you feel inside, don’t you think that’s the real magic?
This is the story of Charlotte Alexander, who will make you travel with her love for perfume and the need to find the perfect place to start making her creations. It was so easy to fall in love with this story, Charlotte will find more than what she is looking for in Italy, adventure and love. This will make a great read and a delightful adventure to let the sun warm you while you smell a delicious fragrance on the background.
This is a sweet warming story, to let your imagination flow and don’t be upset with your quotidian problems, because sometimes it’s good to let your mind disconnect and be transported to another world where happy endings exists and all the problems are solved, don’t you think?
I think this is a great book to enjoy this summer, who doesn’t want to find the perfect Perfume Paradise?

About The Author

JANEY JONES is a full-time writer with a love for food, fashion and all things French and Italian. She is the author of the fantastically successful Princess Poppy series, with sales of over 4 million copies. Before Princess Poppy took over her life, Janey had always intended to write contemporary fiction, and Perfume Paradiso is her second novel after the very popular Secret Life of Lucy Lovecake (writing as Pippa James).




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