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Umbrella by Elena Arevalo Melville

Ready to discover another great book for this 2019? Take a look…

Umbrella by Elena Arevalo Melville

Genre: Picture Book
Publisher: Scallywag Press
Rating: 5/5

About The Author

*Winner of The Queen’s Knickers Award 2020′ Age range 3 to 6 A normal day in the park turns out to be full of surprises! Clara has gone to the park, but there’s nobody to play with. She finds an umbrella on the ground and does a good deed by putting it on a bench. The umbrella says ‘thank you’ and invites Clara to make a wish. So unfolds a magical chain of events featuring a new friend, an elephant, musical butterflies and a naughty fox who learns his lesson. An amusing and magical way to introduce themes of empathy, choice-making and citizenship to the youngest readers.

My Thoughts

In these weird days, having books to entertain the little ones are like magic, they can spend hours listening to the same story again and again!
I was lucky to have a copy of Umbrella, a curious story to make young and adults discover the power of the imagination!
I know that not all the adults like books but for me a book is always a way to grow and learn something new no matter the age the book is for, there’s always something special on it. This is the case of this book, it’s for children, yes, but the core of the story is tender and precious. It shows us that the only thing you need to entertain is your imagination, nothing more. But never be greedy on your creations, sharing is caring.
The illustrations and colours play an important paper on the story too, how in the beginning Clara is sad and bored, with blue and black illustrations and she starts to grow colour on them till the rainbow arrives!
I liked how this book shows us some part of the reality we can find anywhere; a family with kids that is too loud, a man with a wheelchair that can’t climb… but we don’t always pay attention to it, maybe this book will change it? It’s never too late to be emphatic.
This is a book that will remain forever in my bookshelf, you know, there are stories that you have to keep forever! 😉

Just to let you know that this book has won the Queen’s Knickers Award!


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