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This Is Crab by Harriet Evans and Jacqui Lee

Ready to discover another great book for this 2019? Take a look…

This Is Crab by Harriet Evans and Jacqui Leer

Genre: Picture Book
PublisherCaterpillar Books
Rating: 5/5

About The Book

This is Crab.
Join him for a cl-awesome adventure and explore the wonders of the ocean. Let’s dive right in!


My Thoughts

I really don’t know where to start about my thoughts of this book; the curious story, the colourful illustrations or how this book transforms any room to an exciting adventure. Yes, this book, with only 48 pages, will make you discover the corners of the ocean while you are seated on your sofa!
First of all, the contrast between the background and the illustrations of this story make the reader feel like they are tree-dimensional and textured, you can’t stop touching them, really!
In this story you’ll meet crab, he is a little shy, but I am sure that you’ll love to meet him and go to an adventure with him. Because this is not the typical book where you read and the character alone goes to the adventure, you are part of it, waking him up and meeting new friends.
This is a book for the little ones, they will have a lot of fun playing with the book like it’s a friend not only an object, so different from the stories they are used too.
The story is told with short sentences, so it will be perfect for the early readers to start reading by themselves and talking with crab at the same time, this will be a book they will never forget, my son loves it.
I know that this seems like a summer read, so blue and colourful, but I think that’s the interesting part on it, it can take you to a hot and funny place everytime you’ll open the book. That’s what makes it so special and original, you’ll have a blue ocean with Crab waiting for you always, you don’t need a perfect weather.
No matter how crap is the time you are having, This Is Crab will put you a smile always! 😉

About the Illustrator

Jacqui Lee is an illustrator and designer currently based in London. She loves the look of watercolour and gouache so uses them often in her work. Her illustrations are bright, playful and aim to bring a smile to your face.

About the Author

Harriet Evans works in children’s publishing and spends her days researching cool animal facts, imagining awesome adventures and drinking copious amounts of tea.

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