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A Quiet Death in Italy by Tom Benjamin – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2019? Take a look…

A Quiet Death in Italy by Tom Benjamin

Genre: Mystery
Source: Rachel’s Random Resources
Constable Publishers
Amazon, Hive

About The Book

Bologna: city of secrets, suspicion . . . and murderA dark and atmospheric crime thriller set in the beautiful Italian city of Bologna, perfect for fans of Donna Leon, Michael Dibdin and Philip Gwynne Jones. When the body of a radical protestor is found floating in one of Bologna’s underground canals, itseems that most of the city is ready to blame the usual suspects: the police. But when private investigator Daniel Leicester, son-in-law to a former chief of police, receives a callfrom the dead man’s lover, he follows a trail that begins in the 1970s and leads all the way to therotten heart of the present-day political establishment.Beneath the beauty of the city, Bologna has a dark underside, and English detective Daniel mustunravel a web of secrets, deceit and corruption – before he is caught in it himself. Tom Benjamin’s gripping debut transports you to the ancient and mysterious Italian city lesstravelled: Bologna

My Thoughts

Ready to discover the beautiful Bologna while investigating a case?
This is the story of PI Daniel Leicester, he will become involved in the investigation of a radical protestor found floating in one of Bologna’s underground canals, but something doesn’t feel right with the victim. And as Daniel starts investigating he becomes aware of some political involvement that will make the investigation difficult but more interesting for the reader!
I am not sure if you’ve ever been to Bologna, for me is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, but don’t worry the author does an astonishing job transporting the reader there like you are walking on the streets or watching the water flow on the canals. And that’s one of the things that catch me of this story, the atmosphere of the story, because as you can imagine if there’s a victim in Italy the mafia can possibly be involved and the police will have some corruption too. It may seem that the author uses some “Italian clichés” but they are not, if you are ever visiting or living there you can feel it, we were once asked to pay double for the parking fee to keep the car safe.
This is a book that will transport you to the sunny Italy with a murder to investigate yes, but a very capable detective to do the job while you simply sit and let the story flow through your mind!
If there’s “A Quiet Death in Italy” something dark is hidden behind, ready to discover it?

About the Author

Tom Benjamin started off as a reporter before moving to the press office at Scotland Yard andrunning drugs awareness campaign FRANK. He moved to Bologna where his work as doorman at ahomeless canteen inspired him to create English detective Daniel Leicester in a series that serves upequal helpings of the local cuisine and ubiquitous graffiti; the city’s splendour, decay, and danger.

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