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In Every House, in Every Street by Jess Hitchman and Lili La Baleine

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In Every House, in Every Street by Jess Hitchman and Lili La Baleine

Genre: Picture Book
Publisher: Little Tiger
Rating: 5/5

About The Book

In every house, on every street… there is laughter and tears. There are friends. There is family. And there is love.
A heartwarming celebration of homes…

My Thoughts

We love to travel and discover new countries around the world, but for the last 3 months we’ve been closed at home, yes, like most of the people around the world. Our house has stopped being simply a “house” but a place for adventures, discoveries and travels. And I felt that this is what this book tries to represent, this “new world” to the little ones, because the house we always used as something to breath between the daily activities has now a different job, being all the world and places that we could visit/stay for the last months.
I felt that this book was a way to teach the little ones that they are not alone staying at home these days, that all the people around us are doing the same; playing pirates at the living room or traveling to another world at the bedroom. I’ll admit that the book answered a lot of questions that my little one has been asking me for the last weeks; is everything really closed? Are my friends at home too? Why daddy is working from home? Some of these questions are easy answered when the kids are older, but for the little ones the simple answers are not valid, that’s why I loved so much this book, in a funny and colourful way it teaches that a home can be whatever you want, even your full world in the moments of need.
I will say that the illustrations are full of details and with a wide range of interesting characters and representations of what our house has been for the last months.

This book remind me an advert from Ikea from a long time ago, I couldn’t find the text but I found the video by Max Hattler, I hope you like it. We have this poster stick on our house door since we started living together on 2007, it is never too late to remind us of the difference between house and home, don’t you think?

About The Author/Illustrator

Jess Hitchman started her career as an online agony aunt on a dot-com boom website for teenage girls. Since then, she has worked for youth and entertainment brands including Cbeebies, CBBC, Radio 1, XFM, MTV and Nickelodeon.

Lili la Baleine is a former school teacher who began self-taught illustration in 2009. Soon, she was spotted by the publishing industry and decided to fully dedicate herself to children’s book illustration. She lives in France with her family, with whom she shares a passion for chocolate and travels.


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