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Death at the Dance by Verity Bright – Blog Tour

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Death at the Dance by Verity Bright

Genre: Historical Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Bookouture

About The Book

A masked ball, a dead body, a missing diamond necklace and a suspicious silver candlestick? Sounds like a case for Lady Eleanor Swift!
England, 1920. Lady Eleanor Swift, adventurer extraordinaire and reluctant amateur detective, is taking a break from sleuthing. She’s got much bigger problems: Eleanor has two left feet, nothing to wear and she’s expected at the masked ball at the local manor. Her new beau Lance Langham is the host, so she needs to dazzle.
Surrounded by partygoers with painted faces, pirates, priests and enough feathers to drown an ostrich, Eleanor searches for a familiar face. As she follows a familiar pair of long legs up a grand staircase, she’s sure she’s on Lance’s trail. But she opens the door on a dreadful scene: Lance standing over a dead Colonel Puddifoot, brandishing a silver candlestick, the family safe wide open and empty.
Moments later, the police burst in and arrest Lance for murder, diamond theft and a spate of similar burglaries. But Eleanor is convinced her love didn’t do it, and with him locked up in prison, she knows she needs to clear his name.
Something Lance lets slip about his pals convinces Eleanor the answer lies close to home. Accompanied by her faithful sidekick Gladstone the bulldog, she begins with Lance’s friends – a set of fast driving, even faster drinking, high-society types with a taste for mischief. But after they start getting picked off in circumstances that look a lot like murder, Eleanor is in a race against time to clear Lance’s name and avoid another brush with death…

My Thoughts

When you wake up with the wrong foot you can imagine that the amazing night you’ve been dreaming with your charming prince will not end as good as you were hoping. But I think that no one ever thought that it would end with murder! Ready for a Death at the Dance?
I love a good mystery where there’s an interesting plot, good chemistry with the characters and a lot of possible murders to uncover! I only need popcorns to enjoy the ride, and you?
This is a historical cozy mystery, with two main characters who will lead the action. Lady Eleanor Swift and her butler Clifford are trying to discover who really killed Colonel Puddifoot, because Eleanor believes that her prince Lance would never kill anyone. I didn’t believe that Lance would kill anyone but I didn’t like him either, so I was happy that Eleanor tried to clear his name but I hoped that their relationship would not last much! 😉
What I really liked was the chemistry between Eleanor and Clifford, they are great together and makes the mystery addictive thanks to them!
This is the second book of the “A Lady Eleanor Swift” series but you can read it as standalone, the links between the characters are well explained and you will not feel lost with the plot, don’t worry. This is a series I will read again, I loved the plot and the characters in them I really can’t wait to read their next adventure!
If you are looking for a series for this summer you should try this one I can assure you’ll love it!

About The Author

Verity Bright is the pseudonym for a husband-and-wife writing partnership that has spanned a quarter of a century. Starting out writing high-end travel articles and books, they published everything from self-improvement to humour, before embarking on their first historical mystery. They are the authors of the fabulous Lady Swift Mystery series, set in the 1920s. You can buy the first book in the series, A Very English Murder, on Amazon now.


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