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Treasure X Kings Gold

I am sure I am not the only parent that during these months of closure has tried a lot of different toys, games, exercises… to keep the little ones entertained without having to use the tv or tablet. I really don’t know how I discovered the X toys (I don’t know how you call them, but at home they are called the X’s). They are a hit, no matter the mood my son is or how tired he is there’s always a smile on his face when we open a new X.
So, today I’ll introduce you to the Treasure X Kings Gold, if you check the official homepage by Moose Toys you’ll see that there’s a high variety of different Treasure X, I only tried this variety so I can’t talk about the other ones! They are recommended for 5 years old children, there are really small pieces that could be dangerous for the little ones, so be careful if you purchase them.
I am sure that your first question will be, what’s so fantastic about them?
I don’t have an easy answer, but I think it’s the mystery that they don’t know what they will find inside. Because since the first moment everything in the package is a mystery, you can guess that there will be a “King” inside the box and a possibility to find gold in it. When you open the package you’ll find a box and the Collector’s guide where you can see all the characters and treasures that you can find inside.

And if you take a deep look at the box, there’s a shield attached at the top of the case, this will indicate the King’s clan type you can find inside. As you can imagine some of them are rarer than others, luck will decide which one you’ll get. Here are all the King’s that you can find…

Once you open the box, there’s a thick layer imitating wood that the little ones will have to dig to discover what’s behind it. This is one of the parts my son loves the most, with the red tool that you’ll find inside you’ll be able to remove the layer.

Now is the most interesting part, a thick blue magic rock will await for you. You have to play with it and remove it from the box to discover what’s hidden on it.

I’ll admit that my son doesn’t like much the blue rock, I think it’s too sticky for his taste, and always remove it quite quickly without playing with it. As you can imagine depending on the kid they will enjoy it more or less…!

But now is the moment of the truth, to discover what did you have on your treasure. There are 3 little sacks, in each one of them there’s a surprise; the King, the arm, a key and the treasure, of course!

We were lucky that we find a Super-Rare figure on this treasure, it’s quite cute and my son loves to play with it.

But what he loves most is trying to open the treasure box, he loves it! Putting the key on the hole and open the box is his favourite part. He loves to open and close them non-stop! We haven’t found any gold yet, but we are buying so many of them that one day or other I am sure we’ll be lucky, even if we find it or not my son enjoys playing with it.

It’s not a cheap toy, £10 on Amazon, but for me it’s worth every penny, it’s something I know I can keep hidden for a while and in the moments of need use it. You don’t need anything extra to enjoy it and I know that he will have a lot of fun, what more do you need?


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