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Not My Daughter by Suzy K Quinn – Blog Tour

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Not My Daughter by Suzy K Quinn

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: HQ 

About The Book

I told my daughter a terrible lie…
Lorna never told her sixteen-year-old daughter the chilling truth about her real father. But one morning, she finds Liberty missing — and realizes the teenager has left to find the man she once fled from…



My Thoughts

Being a single mother is not easy and when your daughter is a teenager everything will be much more complicated than you ever expected. This is the story of Lorna & Liberty, mother and daughter.
I think I felt a little represented on this story, I lived all my life with my mum, without knowing who my father was and questioning her about it. My teenage years were not easy either, both with a strong character it was always a constant fight, but I never felt the necessity to go and find my father, my mum was always there in the moments of need. Our life could have been more easy with a third person to calm down both of us on the worst moments, totally, but I never thought of going to find him.
Having said that, this is a totally addictive read, twisted and full of lies that will keep the reader turning pages till the end. I loved the story and how easily I felt for it, but at the same time I think this will be a controversial read, a great example of love it or hate it. Now that I am a mother, I can understand more my mother’s actions and feel ashamed of some of our silly roughs, and that’s why I felt that this was a really interesting story, the need to lie to protect our children but at the same time the need to fight for what they think is not fair.
This is a book to read and discover your opinion about it, because I think it’s so easy to decide. Ready?

About The Author

Suzy K Quinn is a British fiction author, and writes in three different genres: psychological thriller, comedy and romance.
She was first published by Hachette in 2010 with her debut novel Glass Geishas (now Night Girls), then self-published a romance series, the Ivy Lessons, which became an international bestseller and a #1 Kindle romance bestseller in the US and UK.
After her second daughter was born in 2013, she self-published the Bad Mother’s Diary series, which also went on to become a #1 Kindle romantic comedy bestseller.
Suzy K Quinn’s novels have been translated into 7 languages and her books have sold over ¾ million copies worldwide.
Suzy lives in Wivenhoe, Essex, with her husband Demi and two daughters, and travels to Mexico every year to write and study Mayan story telling.
Suzy loves her family, friends and readers, but when pushed to add more to the list, she also loves travelling, food and alcohol.


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