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NEON by GS Locke – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2019? Take a look…

NEON by GS Locke

Genre: Crime
Publisher: Orion

About The Book

A detective desperate for revenge. A hitwoman with one last job. A killer with both on his list.
Detective Matt Jackson’s beloved wife, Polly, is the latest victim of a serial killer – Neon – who displays his victims amongst snaking neon lights.
Suicidal but unable to kill himself, he hires someone to finish the job. But on the night of his planned murder he makes a breakthrough in the Neon case and offers his assassin, Iris, an irresistible opportunity: help Jackson find and kill Neon in return for his entire estate.
What follows is a thrilling game of cat-and-mouse between detective, assassin and serial killer. But when Jackson discovers it’s not a coincidence that their paths have crossed, he begins to question who the real target has been all along…

My Thoughts

We are used to reading crime books where the detective always saves their loved ones and lives happily ever after, but what would happen if the serial killer kills the wife of the main detective? If there are no clues to discover, who the killer is? What if the main detective is forbidden to work more on the case? This is the scenario you’ll find on this book, it’s like starting at the end of a previous one, one where the detective is trying to do all his best to discover the killer and in the end it is too late. His wife dies at the hands of this artistic killer and there’s no hope for him, Detective Matt Jackson only wants to die. This is how this book starts, Jackson only wants to die, so he contracts a hitman to do the dirty job… but at the last moment he will discover a clue that will give him hope to catch this serial killer and will have to make a deal with the hitman if he wants to live and continue to investigate, ready?
I’ll start saying that this story surprised me, it’s not the typical police investigation, the “detectives” on the case are a police that was forced to retire of the case and a hitman, Iris; they will make a strange team, there’s no trust or feelings between them, only a money transaction, but they will have results and that’s the only thing that matters, don’t you think?
The story is told between three different voices, the Detective Matt Jackson’s view, how he tries to discover the truth trying to follow the law, Iris Palmer who doesn’t follow rules and only wants money and last but not least, the killer, Neon. It was interesting how they all have their part on the case but at the same time we’ll read about their lives too, what motivates them and why they are doing this “job”. Quite an interesting insight if you ask me.
This is a book impossible to put down, addictive and twisted, you only want to know if the main characters survive the story or die at the hands of this devious killer, because let’s be honest, he is smart and is ready to kill anyone to survive!
Ready for Neon? 

About The Author

E.V. Seymour is the author of ten novels and has had a number of short stories broadcast on BBC Radio Devon. After a short and successful career in PR in London and Birmingham, she married and disappeared to Devon. Five children later, she returned and began to write seriously and has bent the ears of numerous police officers, firearms officers, scenes of crime, the odd lawyer and United Nations personnel. She also works by day as a freelance editorial consultant, specialising in crime fiction and thrillers.


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