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Set My Heart To Five by Simon Stephenson – Blog Tour

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Set My Heart To Five by Simon Stephenson

Genre: Dystopian Fiction
Source: Midas PR
4th Estate

About The Book

My name is Jared.
I am sincerely pleased to meet you.
Also, I am a bot!
Unless you have been living under a rock in North Korea or New Zealand – Ha! – you of course know what a bot is.
Nonetheless I am programmed to relay the following dialogue to each new human I encounter:
Please do not be fooled by my human-like appearance.
I am a mere bot!
I do not have feelings or anything else that might be misconstrued as a ‘soul’.
Instead, I have been programmed to a high level of proficiency in dentistry!
Should you have any concerns please immediately report me to the Bureau of Robotics.

My Thoughts

Do you believe that robots will have feelings or feelings are only for human? This is the main core of this story, the believe that feelings are only human or the AI robots will have them too.
This is the story of Jared, a bot with human DNA and programmed to look and act as a human, but it doesn’t have “feelings” or at least didn’t suppose to have them… This is the story of his awakening as a bot with feelings, how he will try to understand them and at the same time make the reader to feel connected with it, aware of the human emotions and feelings. Because, for us, feelings are something we are so used to that we don’t appreciate them, they are there making us who we are, but Jared is here to make us more aware and value them.
There will be romance in this story, but be aware that humans are always scared of the unknown and if someone discovers that Jared has started to have feelings it will be dangerous for him and the ones around him, so maybe the “happy ending” will not last long…
I loved how Jared tries to discover what he is feeling with old movies, making the reader try to guess the movies that he is watching!
This is a dystopian story, but the doubts that will put in your mind it will not be new, are robots capable of having feelings? Will they be dangerous or we will be able to coexist? So many questions… but only the future will have the answers. For now, enjoy this book which will keep you guessing the answers! 😉

About The Author

Simon Stephenson is a Scottish writer based in Los Angeles. He previously worked as an NHS doctor, most recently in paediatrics in London.
His first book, LET NOT THE WAVES OF THE SEA (John Murrays, 2011), was a memoir about the loss of his brother in the Indian ocean tsunami. It was serialised as ‘Book of the Week’ on BBC Radio 4 and won ‘Best First Book’ at the Scottish Book Awards.
Simon moved to the US followed the success of his spec screenplay, FRISCO, a semi-autobiographical story about a depressed doctor who desperately needed a change. The script was at the top of the Blacklist – an industry-voted list of Hollywood’s favourite unproduced scripts – and opened the door to a screenwriting career in the US. In 2015, Simon was photographed alongside Phoebe Waller-Bridge as one of Screen International’s ‘Stars of Tomorrow’. His friends never tire of telling him that Screen International were at least half right.
As a screenwriter, Simon nonetheless continues to be much in demand on both sides of the Atlantic. He spent two years writing at Pixar in San Francisco, and originated and wrote Amazon’s forthcoming feature film LOUIS WAIN (starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy). Julia Roberts attached to his screenplay TRAIN MAN, and the film rights to SET MY HEART TO FIVE were pre-emptively acquired by Working Title Films, Focus Features, and Nira Park’s Complete Fiction Pictures. Edgar Wright is set to direct the film from Simon’s screenplay.
One of Simon’s most memorable moments from his time in Hollywood was taking a meeting with an actor he admired most, and then having said actor kindly insist on driving Simon home in his distinctive vintage Porsche while telling him about his mind-blowing stories about his canonical body of work. As a token of thanks, Simon then gave that car to the villain in Set My Heart To Five!

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