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Never Forget by Michel Bussi – Blog Tour

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Never Forget by Michel Bussi

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Orion Books

About The Book

Jamal loves to run. But one morning – as he is training on a path winding up a steep cliff – he stumbles across a woman in distress.
It’s a matter of seconds: suddenly she is falling through the air, crashing on the beach below.
Jamal is only an unlucky bystander – or is he?
His version of events doesn’t seem to fit with what other eyewitnesses claim to have seen. And how to explain the red scarf carefully arranged around the dead woman’s neck?
Perhaps this was no accident after all.
Or perhaps there is something more sinister afoot – a devilish plan decades in the making, masterminded by someone hell-bent on revenge.

My Thoughts

What an amazing and twisted read, it keep me passing pages till the end!
I’ll try to make a review with no spoilers, but be advised that it will not be easy, there are so many twists and mysteries on this story that a little detail can spoil the full story!
This story is told by Jamal, a man who will try to save a woman from committing suicide but he ends up being the first suspect of killing her. Twisted? Oh yes, but so original plotted and with tricks to make the reader confuse of what to believe and who can we trust. Because Jamal says that he is innocent, but everything points to him, this killing and another one from 10 years ago. Is he a serial killer and a rapist? Of course you’ll have to read the book if you want to know all the answers!
I am not sure what I liked most of this book, the story or how the author ended the story, because when a book is good it is really difficult to make a good ending, but this one was twisted and unexpected. The story was full of layers and cryptic messages hidden on the plot, it was like an escape room but inside the book; there are a lot of hints to make you guess the truth, but possibly you’ll not see them until it is too late.
This is a book I’ll recommend to anyone who wants to have a good time and want to think a little while they are reading, the book is a must read and if you follow my advice this will not be the last book you’ll read from this author. I’ll admit that I am already searching for his past books (maybe I’ll practice my french and try to read them!)
Never Forget is a book it will be difficult to forget! Ready?

About The Author

Michel Bussi is the author of many bestselling novels, including AFTER THE CRASH, BLACK WATER LILIES, DON’T LET GO and TIME IS A KILLER. He is one of the most successful French authors of all time, with millions of copies sold internationally and over a quarter of a million copies in the UK alone.


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