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That’s Pretty Clever (Ganz Schön Clever) by Schmidt Spiele

I am a newbie in the board games world, I feel that there’s a big world ahead of me and that I am just walking on its periphery. There are so many interesting brands and games to try that I think I will need a couple of lives to enjoy and understand all of them! But having a little kid changes the way you spend the weekends or the free time, you look for something to stay at home and enjoy together, something funny and interesting to spend hours having fun.

But this time I was looking for a game two people, not a very complex game, something to have fun with not very complex rules and that with only two people was enough. Believe me, it was not easy! Most board games are planned for three or more people, yes, you can play only two but the “fun” part is always missing. It took me a while, searching on board forums and experts on the theme I discovered the “That’s Pretty Clever” game, you can play with more than 2 people, but believe me, with 2 is just enough! 😉

I liked that it comes in a compact box, with the dices, the papers you need and even the pen to write the scores, you don’t need anything else, although a fresh beer can complement the game quite perfectly. And if you are afraid of running out of scorepads, don’t worry, you can buy them on Amazon.
It’s not a difficult game to play and after the first try you can play without any trouble or having to look at the instructions, that was a big plus, believe me!
These are the instructions (copied from the original page, super easy to understand!)

On your turn, roll all 6 dice at once, then choose a die and place it on your scorepad. Cross off that value and colour on you sheet. The white die is a wild colour and can be used in place of any other colour. But remember, the white and blue dice will always combine.
Put all dice that show a lower value than the currently selected die on the silver tray printed in the box. If you’ve picked the lowest value die, no dice are placed on the silver tray. Dice on the silver tray can no longer be used.
With the remaining dice, repeat this process twice till you have three dice on your game sheet. Place the three-remaining dice on the silver tray. The other players can now choose one die to use to mark a space on their score sheet. A round ends after each player has been the active player once.
As you go through the game, you’ll unlock combos and additional moves. You can earn reroll abilities and extra dice. The fox bonus gives you extra points on your lowest scoring area, so make sure to score in every colour!
Once everyone has taken their last turn, it’s time to count up the points! Highest score wins! If you score over 280 points, you’re so clever!

Basically, you have to play with 6 dice and have fun! For me the most important thing is to decide which colour do you want to focus, once you have this decided the only important thing in this game is luck. Really, it can seem more complicated than it is, and don’t worry you’ll not need a calculator to play this game, only to know who scores more! And you can try to play it online here, I am sure you’ll love it! I tried it and I am quite satisfied with my punctuation, what do you think, I am clever enough??

This is not a game for children less than 8 years, not because they will not understand the game, but because I don’t think they will enjoy the challenge of it! It has won a nomination for a “gamer’s game” award, so I think it is worth the try, don’t you think?



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