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Sweet Home Montana by Shann McPherson – Blog Tour

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Sweet Home Montana by Shann McPherson

Genre: Romance
Publisher: HQ Digital
Source: My Bookish Life
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

They say that home is where the heart is…
When a family tragedy strikes, Quinn Wagner travels home to Black Canyon, Montana for the first time in almost a decade. Having left her childhood sweetheart Colt at the altar before she fled, Quinn knows her homecoming will mean facing up to her past.
But when Quinn runs into Colt on her family’s ranch and realises that the old sparks still fly between them, she begins to wonder whether it’s time to come home for good.
As Quinn and Colt become closer, it’s clear they have unfinished business. But Colt is hiding something, and when his secret is revealed it will show Quinn just how much can change in ten long years—and how difficult it is to slot back in to a life that’s moved on without her…

My Thoughts

Sometimes you have to find yourself to face the errors from the past.
This is the story of Quinn Wagner, she had left her groom at the altar ten years ago, now her father is dead and she has to return home. Is she ready to face everything that she left behind or it will be too much for her?
This is a romantic story, yes, but don’t stay only with the romantic part of the story, because it has much more on it. Quinn left the love of her life at the altar, she knows that it was not the best choice, but she didn’t want to leave her dreams either, something I think everyone can relate too. Now, she has fulfilled the accomplishments she was eager to, she is more mature and is ready to take a step back and decide what does she really want; the family or the job?
I have to say that I really enjoyed this read, it has romance and chemistry, but family, friendship and a human touch that any reader could feel related too. I liked the friendship between Quinn and her brothers, she knows it will not be easy to have their trust fixed so soon, but they love each other and know that no matter the past, they have a future together.
I think the chore of the story is that you don’t have to be afraid to follow your dreams and leave everything behind, that if something is meant to be it will happen sooner or later, you only have to wait for the right moment.
Ready for the “Sweet Home Montana”?

About The Author

Shann McPherson has dreamed of being an author ever since she was an eleven-year-old writing Beverly Hills 90210 fanfiction before fanfiction was even a thing. For the record, she was and will forever remain #TeamBrenda.
In high school, Shann spent most of her time scribbling stories into the back of her notebook when she should have been listening to her Biology teacher. So, don’t ever ask her a question about photosynthesis and expect her to be able to give you an answer.
Shann has been writing contemporary romance for most of her thirty-something years, and she has no plans on stopping any time soon. Her favourite authors are those who write what she likes to read. Abbi Glines, K.A. Tucker, Zoe May, Heather MacKinnon, Karina Halle, and the likes. As far as Shann’s concerned, there’s enough bad in this world, so why not allow yourself to become lost in a swoon worthy romance every once in a while?
Living in sunny Queensland, Australia, when she isn’t working her day job in the Finance Industry, or imagining up her next new book-boyfriend, Shann enjoys making memories with her husband and boisterous toddler son, drinking wine, and singing completely off-key to Taylor Swift’s entire discography.

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