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Christmas at Lock Keeper’s Cottage by Lucy Coleman – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2020? Take a look…

Christmas at Lock Keeper’s Cottage by Lucy Coleman

Genre: Romance
Source: Rachel Random Resources
Publisher: Boldwood Books

About The Book

Imogen Tolliman never knew her mother. And when an accident robs Immi of her father too, she goes to live with her grandfather, Tollie, in his picturesque lock-keeper’s cottage by the Aysbury marina.
Tollie is the star of the Santa Ahoy Special each Christmas – a festive boat ride along the canal that enthralls both children and adults alike. And as Immi grows up, she starts to appreciate the magical community she is lucky enough to live in.
When Immi meets Gray Adams, she instantly realises he’s someone special. And as their relationship gets serious, they start to plan for the Christmas to beat all Christmases.
But as the day approaches, and the romantic snow showers turn into blizzards, their dream of a Christmas to remember, looks set to be one they’ll never forget – for all the wrong reasons. Can they salvage the festivities, or will old secrets that are finally uncovered turn Immi’s life upside down forever?

My Thoughts

The Christmas books written by Lucy Coleman always make me feel warmer and wanting for more; they are sweet and white, she always creates the perfect Christmas to make the reader feel surrounded by family and love. If you are searching for an unforgettable Christmas read, this is your best choice.
I really enjoyed this story, the characters feel happy in their own skins and with real feelings, a reality that any reader will love to be part of, because it’s more than a story, it’s the Christmas dream! The main character, Immi, didn’t have a happy childhood, her parents died when she was young but now she has a family, she feels loved and cared and I think this is a very important point of the story, that family doesn’t have to be blood related, only that you feel loved and protected.
This is one of those books that you’ll be so immersed on the story that you will not want to end it, you just keep wanting to know more about them! And for me, it doesn’t matter the season we are, Christmas has always a special place in my heart, with Santa and some happy elf this story is delicious and sweet! Ready?

About The Author

Lucy Coleman is a #1 bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction. In 2013 she won the UK Festival of Romance: Innovation in Romantic Fiction Award. Originally from Bristol, she now lives in the Welsh Valleys with her husband and Bengal cat, Ziggy.
For Lucy, life is all about family, friends and writing. She is a self-confessed hopeless romantic and an eternal optimist. When Lucy is not writing, she spends time in the garden weeding or practising Tai Chi. And she is often found with a paintbrush in her hand indulging her passion for upcycling furniture.
Her novels have been translated into Italian, Czech and Croatian. She also writes as Linn B. Halton.
Lucy is represented by Sara Keane from the Keane Kataria Literary Agency.

One thought on “Christmas at Lock Keeper’s Cottage by Lucy Coleman – Blog Tour

  1. Aww… as a lifelong lover of Christmas too, your review touched my heart, Maria. If we believe all that we see in the news we’d miss the point – that every second of every day (and especially at Christmas) people are doing kind things and spreading the love. No matter how young, or how old, we are or what season it is – the magic is there! Thank you so much for being on the tour and I love your review – much appreciated! x

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