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The Witch Hunter by Max Seeck – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2020? Take a look…

The Witch Hunter by Max Seeck

Genre: Thriller
Source: Ed Public Relations
Publisher: Welbeck Publishing

About The Book

Detective Jessica Niemi is called to investigate a murder case which is completely out of the ordinary. The wife of a famous writer, Roger Koponen, appears to have been killed in a bizarre ritual.
As more ritual murders occur in the coming days, it becomes obvious that Jessica is after a serial killer. But the murders are not random – they follow a pattern taken from Roger’s bestselling trilogy. Has a devoted fan lost their mind, or is this case more personal?

My Thoughts

Are books based on facts or facts based on books?
This had been quite an interesting read, atmospheric and hunting, you’ll not be able to stop reading. Ready for the “Witch Hunter”?
Everything will start at the presentation of the book “The Witch Hunter”, a bestseller book with fans around the world, but the author’s fate will change completely when her wife will appear dead after one of his book presentations. As you can imagine, this will be the beginning of a very difficult case investigated by the Finland police, are they investigating the case or only the clues the killer is leaving for them?
Since the beginning this is a book that will question the police investigation and the way they see the case, Jessica Niemi, the main character feels that she is part of the mystery somehow, but doesn’t know the motive or who could want to hurt her, she has a past, but no one should know it… or is her past not as secret as she thought?
This is a thriller, but not only based on the mystery but the detectives lives that are investigating the case, it’s not assumed that they live and breath for the work, they have their problems and secrets, and it makes the story more realistic and personal for the reader. It’s always interesting to read a book where the author creates a life for the characters, that they question the way they are investigating or if they have a leak in the police. As you can see, so many questions before reading the story and the only way to know all the answers is reading the book!
I really enjoyed reading this book, it’s slow paced but there’s an intern clock that seems to control the tempo making it to tick faster as the story progresses. I hope that this will not be the only case with Jessica, I can’t wait to discover her secrets and how her life will change after solving this case!
Ready for “The Witch Hunter”?

About The Author

Max Seeck devotes his time to writing professionally. An avid reader of Nordic noir for personal pleasure, he listens to film scores as he writes. His accolades include the Finnish Whodunit Society’s Debut Thriller of the Year Award 2016. Max Seeck has a background in sales and marketing and loves to promote his works, and is fluent in English and German.



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