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How We Got To Today by Ben Ellis – Blog Tour

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How We Got To Today by Ben Ellis

Genre: Romance
Source: Random Things Tours
Publisher: Headline Accent
Amazon, Hive

About The Book

How can you find love, when you’ve lost sight of yourself?
Sheridan doesn’t know what he looks like. There’s nothing wrong with his vision, it’s just that he’s the only person in the world who can’t see his own face.
Despite this, he has it all going for him – a good job as an optometrist, a nice home, and a wonderful girlfriend. All until Heidi, totally out of the blue, dumps him.
And to make matters worse, not only has she broken his heart, but she’s disappeared. Distraught, Sheridan begins to search for her, and ends up finding himself along the way…

My Thoughts

This is a book about love, perspective and family; the power of influence to our life and decisions without being able to predict the results.
This book is the story of Sheridan and Heidi, from the past till today, but don’t expect the “typical” love story, both of them have their own baggage and will have to learn that if you don’t trust your partner with your problems, the relation will never have a future.
This had been a different read, it’s more like the first book of a series, where we meet the characters but there’s a lot of background that is not solved till the next book. I don’t say it in a bad way, but I had so many questions at the end of this story that I really hope we will see a second book to make this story fully complete. Just a few examples; Sheridan is unable to see his reflection, but the story doesn’t enter on why he can’t see it or how he tries to share it with his partner. On the other side, Heidi’s family seem to have their own problems and will affect the plot of the book, but it’s not solved either. So, I really hope the author will make a continuation of the story to solve all of these subplots that are not solved on the book!
I liked how the story is told, the perspectives of Heidi and Sheridan, from the past till today, firstly we will read Sheridan and how his life changed after meeting Heidi, but we will discover his illness and how it affects his life and his way to treat everyone around him. And then, we will read Heidi’s story, her love for photography and how the past of her mother and sister affects her relation with Sheridan.
It’s an original perspective to show the reader that sometimes we are so influenced by the people around us that we don’t really see the full picture of our life. A little reminder that sometimes, even if we try to act in the best way for everyone, it’s not the best choice we can make.
Ready for “How We Got To Today”?

About The Author

Ben Ellis is from Worthing, UK and writes in his spare time.
‘IN A RIGHT STATE’ is his debut novel.
‘BROKEN BRANCHES’ is his second novel.



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