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Mine To Five by Tara September – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2020? Take a look…

Mine To Five by Tara September

Genre: Romance
Source: Rachel Random Resources
Rating: 4/5

About the Book

Working beyond nine to five and barely getting by, Melanie Thomas is eager to celebrate the impending holiday season and to toast the start of her dream marketing job over drinks with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, he has different plans—like seeing other women.Indulging in a pity party with tequila, Melanie confides in a sexy stranger at the bar. It’s almostChristmas. One night of letting go won’t hurt anything, right? Turns out it just might—when the stranger is her new boss. Determined to succeed at her job, Melanie won’t be scared away. This is her chance, even if her hot boss has her feeling all merry and bright and wishing for a less-than-professional relationship.Matthew Ryans is burned out and on thin ice at the company he helped build unless he gets his head back in the game. Yet his head, both upper and lower, are quickly becoming obsessed with his new assistant. Still, he can’t seem to fully begrudgeMelanie’s distracting presence and the Christmas joy she brings with it. Especially considering that her enthusiasm has him reenergized. For once, he is longing for Mondays, but with his heart and job on the line, he can’t risk blurring the lines no matter how strong the lure of holiday mistletoe is.Will their holiday passion be able to fuel mutual career success, or will it only get in their way in theNew Year?

My Thoughts

Starting a new job is always stressful, but if you have a fling with your boss the night before starting, it will not be a good starting at all!
This is the story of Melanie and Matthew, they spend one night together, but now they have to work together on one of the most important job they ever had. They have chemistry together, they work good together, but their relation is only as friends, work and love can’t mix-up… Or can they?
This is a high voltage story, but not only focused on the relation of the two main characters but the chemistry they have working together too, a relationship in the work place is never seen in good eyes and they are not ready either to admit their feelings for each other, so work is full of sparks and laughs… till the spark becomes fire. And then? Will they be able to continue working together or they will have to stop their relation?
This is a funny and quick read, not only with high voltage scenes but with fun and real situations, a woman that has a relation with their boss will be promoted or demoted? How the co-workers will see their relation? As you can imagine, most of the questions have a negative answer and the story doesn’t try to sugar-coated it, work and love not always mix good, so it will be our characters choice to decide what to do. What do you think? Will they stay together or will prefer to maintain their work? You’ll have to read the book if you want to know the answers! Ready?

About The Author

Tara September is a multi-award-winning contemporary romance author living in Southwest Florida.Blogger and former PR executive for The Walt Disney Company, Tara holds a Master’s degree in journalism & communications from New York University. For over a decade, Tara has penned a popular lifestyle, travel and parenting blog atTaraMetBlog.com.An avid romance reader though, she has been daydreaming about being an author since she was a kid. Dozens of bad dates and adventures later, she still finds it impossible that she met her husband on a NYC subway. They now have identical twin boys and four cats underfoot/on her laptop/everywhere. Fueled by an IV of green tea and an outrageous stock of champagne, she’s finally writing the happily ever after tales she’s been dreaming about.

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