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The Funny Thing about Norman Foreman by Julietta Henderson

Genre: Fiction
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Transworld Digital

About The Book

Norman and Jax are a legendary comedic duo in waiting, with a five-year plan to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe by the time they’re fifteen. But when Jax dies before they turn twelve, Norman decides paying tribute to his best friend just can’t wait… so he rewrites their plan:
1.Look after mum | 2. Find Dad | 3. Get to the Edinburgh Fringe
Sadie knows she’s never going to win Mother of the Year, and not knowing exactly who her son’s father is doesn’t help. But when she finds Norman’s new plan, all she wants is to see her son smile again… So they set off on a pilgrimage to Edinburgh, making a few stops to find Norman’s dad along the way.

My Thoughts

This is a sweet and relatable story, perfect to warm your heart and put a smile on your face. Because Norman Foreman is not the typical teenager, he has a goal for when he reaches 15:
– Look after Mum
– Find Dad
– Get to the Edinburgh Fringe
Before, he had a plan with his best friend Jax, but he has died. Now, Norman is more determined than ever to fulfill his 5 year plan, of course he will have the help of her special mum Sadie.
This story starts with sadness, Jax has just lost his best friend and doesn’t know how to cope with grieve; it’s never easy to loose someone, it doesn’t matter the age, the pain is suffocating either way. But maybe as an adult we have some other things to focus our feelings instead of a teenage boy that has lost his best friend and all the future together.
But this is not only a book of grieve, this is a book of life and happiness too; the way Norman will focus his energy and pain is to continue the dream him and Jax had together, with some little changes that will make him to accept the pain and never forget Jax.
This is a slow paced story, to read in one sit and never stop thinking about it, because Norman Foreman will remain a little bit in your heart forever. Ready?

About The Author

Julietta Henderson grew up in the rainforests of North Queensland, Australia. Like many Australians, her love affair with Europe began when she came to London on a working holiday and stayed for more than a decade. Now a full-time writer, Julietta divides her life between Melbourne, the UK and wherever she can find winter.