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Bright Lies by AA Abbott – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2020? Take a look…

Bright Lies by AA Abbott

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Perfect City Press

About The Book

Emily’s dreams come true when her mother marries wealthy painter, David. Thanks to him, Emily’s artistic talents shine. Then he starts teaching her things a 14-year-old shouldn’t know. When Emily escapes from David’s luxury mansion, she’s penniless and forced to sleep in a rat-infested alley.
Bad boy Jack has turned his life around. Working as a DJ with ambitions to open a club, he rescues Emily from the streets when he sees a woman in trouble. He doesn’t know she’s still only 15 – and trapped in a dark web of secrets and lies.
David must find Emily and silence her. As he closes in, Jack faces the hardest choice of all. If he saves Emily, he’ll kiss goodbye to his future…

My Thoughts

I have mixed feelings about this book, it’s well written and the story is easy to engage, but it’s uncomfortable and too real for my comfort; it will make you scream to the characters all the time, believe me.
I don’t want to make any spoilers about this book, it’s a story about two people; a boy and a girl, both of them have failed from their families and will find comfort in each other in the most difficult times of their lives. This is not a romantic book, it’s about life and how to survive when the world fails us. But, they will discover that even if all their world has crumbled, there are some good people in the world ready to risk their life for them.
This is a book about child abuse, drugs, family problems and most of all distrust; but a bold way to show the readers how we can learn from their mistakes and not do the same ever.
It’s a slow burning story, you can feel from the beginning how everything will go, no surprises from there but what you will not know is how everything will end; it will have a sad, bitter, or an angry ending? Because this is not a book where you’ll expect a happy ending, only an ending that will make them cared and respected.
Ready to enter the “Bright Lies”?

About The Author

Who doesn’t love a cracking crime story, full of twists?
I’m British crime thriller writer A.A. Abbott – known to friends as Helen – and I believe a good read is one of life’s greatest pleasures.
I write fast-paced suspense thrillers set in the British cities of London, Bristol and Birmingham. As a city girl, I’ve lived and worked in all of them. I also know the beautiful countryside of North Somerset well, and that’s where my latest story begins. By far my darkest book yet, psychological thriller ‘Bright Lies’ follows runaway teenager Emily from a country mansion to a city squat, as she flees the stepfather who’s gotten too close.
In contrast, the 5 book Trail series focuses on a vodka business – and what happens when the two families running it fall out with each other and with a London gangster. The Bride’s Trail leads from London to the secret tunnels below Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. The trail continues with a kidnap in the former Soviet Union in The Vodka Trail, an ill-starred venture with a marijuana farmer in The Grass Trail and a killer on the loose in The Revenge Trail. At the very end, The Final Trail serves up a heady cocktail of betrayal, revenge and reconciliation.
Like 10% of us, many of my family are dyslexic. While I’m not, I want my books to be enjoyed by readers with dyslexia and visual impairment too. That’s why I publish my thrillers in a LARGE PRINT dyslexia-friendly edition as well as the standard paperback and Kindle versions. Don’t forget, you can also adjust the font on your Kindle to suit your needs.
I like speaking to book groups, business networks and social circles, and reading my thrillers and short stories at live fiction events and on Zoom. If you’re a book blogger, litfest organiser, reviewer or simply adore books, I’d love to hear from you.
I’m a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, Bristol Fiction Writers’ Group, and Birmingham’s New Street Authors.

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