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Body Language by A.K. Turner – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2020? Take a look…

Bright Lies by AA Abbott

Genre: Thriller
Source: Compulsive Readers
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Zaffre

About The Book

Cassie Raven believes the dead can talk. We just need to listen . . .
People think being a mortuary technician is a seriously weird job. They can’t understand why I choose to cut up dead bodies for a living. But they don’t know what I know:
The dead want to tell us what happened to them.
I’ve eviscerated thousands of bodies, but never someone I know before – someone who meant a lot to me; someone I loved.
The pathologist says that her death was an accident.
Her body is telling me differently.

My Thoughts

This is a slow paced story, full of layers and interesting characters that will keep guessing through all the story.
I was intrigued with this story, Cassie Raven, a mortuary assistant, can feel the last seconds of the death bodies; they tell her their last thoughts and feelings. This has helped her to solve some of the deaths of her patients; because sometimes arranging an “accidental” death is much easier than you think and murder is hidden behind it. Everything will change when one of her patients is an old teacher of Cassie, one that she respected and challenged her. And when she starts feeling her presence outside the morgue, she will start to investigate what has happened to Mrs E. There will be possible suspects to this case and Cassie will have to trust her instinct if she wants to continue alive; but in the end it’s always the same question: who would benefit from her death? The story not only centers in Cassie but DS Flyte, she is not a likable character, she is too strict and a little rude; but she loves her job and when something doesn’t feel right for her she will investigate it till the end.
I liked the partnership Cassie-Flyte and I hope we will see them again, they complement each other and make the story really interesting. There’s a little bit of background of both characters, they haven’t had an easy childhood and this will mark their way in adulthood; making the reader understand more their actions and behavior.
If you are looking for an intriguing and original read, this is your next read, believe me. Ready to discover “Body Language”?

About The Author

A K Turner likes to create memorable characters, throw them into unusual settings, and add a hefty dose of murder and a twisty-turny plot. Her latest book, Body Language, introduces a new kind of forensic heroine – a crime-solving Goth-girl mortuary technician who talks to the dead, a character first launched in two crime shorts aired on BBC Radio 4. A K’s previous series, written under the pen name Anya Lipska, starred a London-based Polish fixer who’s happy to crack heads to solve crimes – which saw her being selected for Val McDermid’s prestigious New Blood Panel at Harrogate Crime Festival in 2012.
A K (aka Ali) lives in East London where she is writing more mortuary-set mysteries. Her day job is producing TV documentaries on true crime and science topics. And just for light relief she is training to be a City of London guide…


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