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Christmas For The Shop Girls by Joanna Toye – Blog Tour

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Christmas For The Shop Girls by Joanna Toye

Genre: Historical Romance
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Harper Collins

About The Book

For Lily Collins and her fellow shop girls at Marlow’s Department store, another Christmas with ration books, shortages of goods and staff – not to mention a store coping with war damage – will be a real challenge.
But the girls rally round and put their worries aside to make this, the hardest wartime Christmas yet, one that their families, and their town, will never forget.

My Thoughts

This is a beautiful book, full of friendship, trust and love; perfect to make us remember what Christmas really mean.
I fall in love with this story since the first page, I was working in a shop for more than 5 years, so I know how you have to trust and respect your co-workers; because in the moments of needs, they are more than friends; they are your family.
This is a historical fiction, but it really doesn’t matter the period of the story, what matters are the characters and their real stories. How they lean on each other, because this will not be an easy Christmas for the “Shop Girls”; with the war, shortage of food and missing the ones they love most, they will have to be brave and take control of their fears if they want to make this Christmas the best ever for everyone.
This had been a beautiful read, sweet and emotive, that will make you part of the story. This is the 4th book of the “Shop Girls” series, but you can read it as standalone. After discovering this little gem, I would recommend you to start this series from the beginning, it is worth the read, believe me!
This is a story that will melt your heart and make you believe in the power of Christmas, the magic that you can always see in the movies but you can’t always find in real life.
Ready to discover “ Christmas for the Shop Girls”?

About The Author

Set in a family-owned department store in the Second World War, Jo’s novels bring to life the hardships – and highlights – of life in Britain in the Second World War. With husbands, boyfriends and brothers away fighting, the three Shop Girl friends pull together to battle bomb damage and black marketeers, as well as their own poignant personal dramas. A former scriptwriter and producer for the long-running BBC radio serial ‘The Archers’, as well as ‘TV’s ‘Doctors’ and ‘EastEnders’, Jo draws on her parents’ and grandparents’ war experiences as well as memories and research into how shopping used to be – before Amazon changed all that!

2 thoughts on “Christmas For The Shop Girls by Joanna Toye – Blog Tour

  1. Maria thank you – what a wonderful review to start the Christmas for the Shop Girls tour! You have summed up exactly what I hope all four Shop Girls books are about…. So glad you enjoyed it. x


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