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Stolen Kiss with Her Billionaire Boss by Susan Meier – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2020? Take a look…

Stolen Kiss with Her Billionaire Boss by Susan Meier

Genre: Romance
Source: Random Things Tours
Publisher: Mills & Boon

About The Book

Christmas has arrived…
And she’s spending it with her boss!New Yorker Erin is intrigued when Hugo Harrington asks for her help on a hotel renovation inLondon, just weeks before Christmas! But Erin soon discovers how personal this project is to her brooding boss. Watching him wrestle with the memories of his past uncovers a side to Hugo she’s never seen. And then a stolen snowbound kiss changes everything..

My Thoughts

Who doesn’t love a burning love affair at work?
The tension and sparks between Erin and Hugo present all the story, but they are not the only interesting part of the book, but also their past and how they have changed.
I like reading romance to lift my mood and remember that even if the world is grey right now, you can always find happiness in a book; and “Stolen Kiss with Her Billionaire Boss” was not an exception. It’s funny, light and with some sparks that keep the reader turning pages without even noticing. As I said before, this is not the only part that I liked in the book, there’s the background of the main characters and how it determines their present and maybe their future; it’s their choice if you want to change or not.
The background is super Christmassy, so it was easy to feel transported to the story and feeling part of the London celebrations, I wish I could be really there…
This book is part of a series, this is the third one, but you can read it as standalone. Each book is written by a different author but all stories are based at the Harrington Park Hotel, don’t doubt that they all are really good!
If you are looking for a sweet and quick read to disconnect for a few hours this weekend, believe me, this is the one you are looking for! 😉

About The Author

Susan Meier is a lover of a great story and a fabulous turn of phrase. What better home for her thanMills and Boon where stories touch the heart? She found her bliss when Harlequin published her first book and hasn’t looked back. A mom of three and wife to the best guy on the planet, she loves reading almost as much as writing, and thanks the heavens for the internet and YouTube which have made research so much fun.


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