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Foul Play Card Game Blog Tour

Foul Play Card Game

Genre: Crime
Source: Damppebbles

About The Game

Murder is on the cards thanks to the criminal masterminds at After Dark Murder Mystery Events
Providers of award-winning interactive entertainment, the team at After Dark HQ add another string to their bow with this murder mystery card game.
Investigate rules of play, suspect stories and more using the menu bar at the top of this page!

My Thoughts

When you are reading a good book, you feel part of the plot, with the feelings and emotions in your own skin; but you are never the one to solve the murder, but the detective. Thanks to “Foul Play” you’ll be the one discovering the murder and taking the medals; now you only have to choose which type of detective you want to be… 😉
This year has taught me something, board/card games are the best way to keep all the family entertained in the moments of need; you don’t need the TV to pass the time, only a good game to keep you entertained for hours. That’s why I couldn’t resist to try this game, a card game where you have to find the killer, with easy rules and only with the cards and your own strategy to solve this murder. Ready?
I have to say that I loved playing at this game, the rules are easy to understand (and online there are more detailed in case of need), funny illustrations in the cards and you can choose if you want to be a good cop or a bad cop. I played both, and let’s be honest, my favorite is the bad cop! I think this should be on any mystery lover list this Christmas; it will keep the family entertained for hours and just in case there’s a murder in the family, this will keep them distracted while you call the police!
“Foul Play” is a very worthy card game that will be on my bag for now on, you never know when you need to discover the killer…


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