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Passenger 23 by Sebastian Fitzek – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

Passenger 23 by Sebastian Fitzek

Genre: Thriller
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Head of Zeus

About The Book

Five years ago Martin Schwarz, a police psychologist, lost his wife and son. They were holidaying on a cruise ship when they simply vanished. A lacklustre investigation was unable to shed any light on what happened – murder-suicide being the coroner’s verdict. It is a verdict that has haunted Martin ever since, blighting his life. But then he is contacted by an elderly woman, a writer, who claims to have information regarding their fate and wants him to come on board The Sultan of the Seas immediately.
She explains that his wife and son are not the only mother and child pair to have disappeared. Only a few months ago another mother and daughter also vanished. She believes there may be a serial killer on board.But when the missing daughter reappears – carrying the teddy bear of Martin’s missing son – it becomes apparent that the truth could be much, much worse…

My Thoughts

What a twisted and addictive read, impossible to put it down, scary and dark, it will be your worst nightmare.
I’ll say from the beginning that I don’t like much cruises, too posh for my taste… I prefer using planes and trains for my travels and basic hotels to discover new cities!
In the beginning it was a little bit difficult to follow the story with all the different characters involved in the plot, but once you enter to the cruise there was no way back, believe me.
I really don’t want to talk much about the plot; when a man receives a call from someone on a cruise telling him that they know what had really happened to his wife and son, he can’t stay away from it and decides to join the cruise… Expect the unexpected, twists and surprises on all this story, but never trust anyone, believe me on this.
This is not my first book from Sebastian Fitzek and they get better and better! You never know what will happen next and this makes the reader turning pages and pages till the surprising end.
Also, don’t expect to like Martin Schwarz, the main character, he is a lost man, hasn’t accepted his family death and is looking for his death in the most dangerous places. I could totally understand her need to know what really happened to his family no matter what is the real truth, but he needs to know it and for that I can understand him.
23 are on average the people each year disappear from the world’s cruise ships. They are written off as accidents or suicides.
Are you ready to be “The Passenger 23”?

About The Author

Sebastian Fitzek is one of Europe’s most successful authors of psychological thrillers. His books have sold 13 million copies, been translated into more than twenty-four languages and are the basis for international cinema and theatre adaptations. Sebastian Fitzek was the first German author to be awarded the European Prize for Criminal Literature. He lives with his family in Berlin.


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