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Dangerous Women by Hope Adams – Blog Tour

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Dangerous Women by Hope Adams

Genre: Historical Fiction
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Michael Joseph

About The Book

London, 1841. One hundred eighty Englishwomen file aboard the Rajah, embarking on a three-month voyage to the other side of the world.
They’re daughters, sisters, mothers–and convicts.
Transported for petty crimes.
Except one of them has a deadly secret, and will do anything to flee justice.
As the Rajah sails farther from land, the women forge a tenuous kinship. Until, in the middle of the cold and unforgiving sea, a young mother is mortally wounded, and the hunt is on for the assailant before he or she strikes again.
Each woman called in for question has something to fear: Will she be attacked next? Will she be believed? Because far from land, there is nowhere to flee, and how can you prove innocence when you’ve already been found guilty?

My Thoughts

Based on true events, this book creates mystery inside the ship Rajah, full of convicted women who travel to Australia to start a new life in 1841. This had been a very interesting and unstoppable read, told within all the days the ship takes to travel from London to Australia. The ship is full of women, they all have a past but one of them has a darker secret so when one woman appears dead, the doubts and fear surrounds the ship without knowing who to trust or who could be the next victim. It was easy to enter the story and it’s not only centered on the mystery but the women’s friendship and hopes. It was interesting to see how some of them will join a sewing group to make a quilt, this will give them a purpose and a way to know each other.
I liked that some parts of the read are based on real events and characters, it made me search for more information about the ship and who was part of it. Because, in the end, even if it’s fiction, there are so many relatable stories in the book and women that feel real that it was impossible to discern which part was true and which part was fiction! I highly recommend this book to any reader that wants something different, a fiction mystery with some non-fiction story, it’s full of hope and heartbreaking stories that will stay with me for a long time.
Ready for the “Dangerous Women”?

About The Author

Hope Adams was born in Jerusalem and spent her early childhood in many different countires, including Nigeria and British Norht Borneo. She now lives near Cambridge. She has written books for children and adults as Adèle Geras.

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