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Trust Me by T.M. Logan – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

Trust Me by T.M. Logan

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Compulsive Readers
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Zaffre

About The Book

Two strangers, a child, and a split second choice that will change everything . . .
Ellen was just trying to help a stranger. That was how it started: giving a few minutes respite to a flustered young mother sitting opposite her on the train. A few minutes holding her baby while the mother makes an urgent call. The weight of the child in her arms making Ellen’s heart ache for what she can never have.
Five minutes pass.
The train pulls into a station and Ellen is stunned to see the mother hurrying away down the platform, without looking back. Leaving her baby behind. Ellen is about to raise the alarm when she discovers a note in the baby’s bag, three desperate lines scrawled hastily on a piece of paper:
Please protect Mia
Don’t trust the police
Don’t trust anyone
Why would a mother abandon her child to a stranger? Ellen is about to discover that the baby in her arms might hold the key to an unspeakable crime. And doing the right thing might just cost her everything . . .

My Thoughts

A little one hugged by her mother is always a tender sight. So, when Ellen tries to help a stranger she will be involved in a race against the truth without knowing who to really trust. Are you ready?
This has been a fast paced story, Ellen has a little baby in her arms, Mia, she is not her daughter and doesn’t know why her mother left her, but she is ready to protect her no matter what until she discovers what’s really happening and why her mother told her to not trust anyone. It was not difficult to be on Ellen’s skin, afraid to trust but protective with Mia, being like a mother to her and risking her life to protect her.
I have to say that I was really interested in this story, the human touch and the pace of the events makes the reader keep turning pages without even noticing it.
I’ll admit that I suspected the truth before the ending, but this didn’t stop me enjoying the read or wanting to know how everything would end. With a human touch and a non-stop story, Trust Me is the story you need to keep you awake all night.
Do you “Trust Me”?

About The Author

TM Logan’s thrillers have sold more than a million copies in the UK and are published in 19 countries around the world including the USA, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Greece and the Netherlands.
Tim’s brand new thriller, TRUST ME, begins when a woman is asked to look after a stranger’s baby on a train – only for the mother to vanish. When she looks in the baby’s things, she finds a note that says: ‘Please protect Mia. Don’t trust the police. Don’t trust anyone.’ TRUST ME is out now in hardback, e-book and audiobook
His previous novel, THE CATCH, is about a father who becomes convinced his daughter is about to marry a man with terrible secrets. Terrified that his cherished only child is about to marry a man who is not what he seems, Ed sets out to uncover the truth – before it’s too late…
His thriller THE HOLIDAY was a Richard & Judy Book Club pick and spent ten weeks in the Sunday Times paperback top ten. THE HOLIDAY takes place over a sweltering summer week in the south of France, as four best friends see the holiday of a lifetime turn into a nightmare of suspicion, betrayal and murder. Tim’s debut LIES was one of Amazon’s biggest selling e-books of 2017 and was followed by 29 SECONDS in 2018.
Tim was a national newspaper journalist before turning to novel-writing full time. He lives in Nottinghamshire with his wife and two children, and writes in a cabin at the bottom of his garden.

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