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Nighthawking by Russ Thomas – Blog Tour

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Nighthawking by Russ Thomas

Genre: Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

About The Book

After the gut-punch ending of Firewatching, DS Adam Tyler returns to another shocking cold case…
A body has been discovered in Sheffield’s beautiful Botanical Gardens. A young woman, dead from a stab wound, buried in a quiet corner. Police quickly determine that the body has been there for months, and would have gone undiscovered for years – but someone has dug it up.
Who is the victim? Who killed her and buried the body, resting two ancient Roman coins over her eyes? And who dug her up?
DS Adam Tyler will find himself drawn into the secretive world of nighthawkers: treasure-hunters
who operate under cover of darkness, seeking the lost and valuable, and willing to kill to keep what they find…

My Thoughts

Complex and twisted, this is a book you don’t want to miss! When a body is found, the police work is to find the killer and the motive. The main problem is that the main detective that should be investigating the case, Detective Sergeant Adam Tyler, is using his work hours to investigate a personal case. This leaves Detective Constable Amina Rabbani, a newbie detective, with all the weight of running the case and with no one to ask for help.
This is not a simple case, there are multiple characters, each one of them with their own baggage and personal situation that will affect the case (directly or indirectly), but it also makes the story more complex and with a human factor. Because it doesn’t matter if the case is easy or difficult to solve, if the people that are investigating it are not there to do it the case will never be solved.
This had been a dark read, full of emotions and personal situations, Tyler seems to be a great detective but he is so obsessed with his father’s case that doesn’t have time for anything else, even if it can cost his work or reputation.
On the other side, Rabbani, she is a good detective and person, and she is covering for Tyler’s absence while she is investigating the case. She is not yet comfortable doing her own investigation alone, but if she doesn’t want to put her colleague’s work at risk, this seems the only option.
And then, there’s Dave, we don’t know who he is or what’s his relation with the case, but he seems to be involved somehow to the case…
This is the second book of the Detective Sergeant Adam Tyler series, you can read it as standalone, but the cases are so interesting that I would start from the beginning!
Ready for the “Nighthawking”?

About The Author

Russ Thomas was born in Essex, raised in Berkshire and now lives in Sheffield. After a few ‘proper’ jobs (among them: pot-washer, optician’s receptionist, supermarket warehouse operative, call-centre telephonist, and storage salesman) he discovered the joys of bookselling, where he could talk to people about books all day. His highly-acclaimed debut novel, Firewatching, is the first in the DS Adam Tyler series and published in February 2020 Nighthawking, the second book in the series, will publish in February 2021.


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