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The Cat And The Corpse In The Old Barn by Kate High – Book Review

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

The Cat And The Corpse In The Old Barn by Kate High

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Constable

About The Book

Clarice Beech has two passions in life: animal rescue and Detective Inspector Rick Beech. She is devoted to the first but she and Rick have been separated for the past six months – life without him is hard.
Clarice shares her other love, for contemporary ceramics, with the charming Lady Vita Fayrepoynt. When Vita’s adopted three-legged ginger cat Walter disappears from Weatherby Hall Clarice is called in to find him. Walter, snug in an old barn, is quite well.
But his discovery ends with Clarice in hospital, and Rose Miller, late of the Old Vicarage in the morgue. There is nothing natural about Rose’s death…
Putting their differences aside, Clarice and Rick are drawn together to try to understand the murder that has shaken the rural Lincolnshire community. As she explores Rose’s past Clarice is pulled into a shady world of blackmail, scams and violence. And as the secrets of Weatherby Hall and the Fayrepoynt family threaten to spill out Clarice finds friendships tested, and her own life at risk.

My Thoughts

Mystery, pets and a very noisy neighbor… the perfect combination to accompany you any night! I don’t know what attracts me from this book; the cover or the plot, but believe me I hit the jackpot, I couldn’t stop reading.
When my mind is stressed I love reading cozy mysteries; they have a variety of characters, a mystery and always an intelligent and brave woman who tries to discover the truth. In this book you’ll meet Clarice Beech, she loves animals and good mysteries but most importantly, has a good heart and always searches for the truth, it doesn’t matter how hard it is. In this story, Clarice will “find” a body in a barn; and as you can expect, she will have to discover who she is and what really happened to her, it will not be an easy case but she will have her detective husband, Rick, on her side trying to discover the truth.
Rick and Clarice had been separated for 6 months, they are still friends but things are not the same between them, you’ll feel the emotions and weird situations during the story, and this gives a human touch and realistic story to the plot, you could relate with their feelings and how they feel with each other. They are not a couple, not friends but they still miss each other…
I don’t want to talk much about the case, I really don’t want to make any spoiler, only that the victim is not as innocent as anyone could want, she is dark and greedy and everyone around her could have motives to kill. Be prepared for a few surprises and a lot of dangerous characters surrounding the victim.
This is an addictive book, you’ll start reading for the mystery but you’ll stay for the pets and the characters; believe me, impossible to put down! I really hope we’ll see a new case with Clarice and Rick soon, their chemistry together is amazing and they both are great detectives!
Are you ready?

About The Author

Kate’s debut, THE CAT AND THE CORPSE IN THE HANGING BARN, a cosy mystery featuring amateur detective Clarice Beech and various rescue animals, was published in hardback and eBook by Constable in May 2020, with a paperback due in March 2021.   
Her new novel, THE MAN WHO VANISHED AND THE DOG WHO WAITED, will be published in May 2021 in hardback and eBook.Kate worked for many years as a designer/maker, specialising in metals. She exhibited internationally, and her work was sold via the V&A, the Design Council and Liberty’s, amongst others. She was involved in animal welfare for fifteen years, having been a volunteer and then an RSPCA paid branch administrator. She also co-founded a charity that aims to support older animals, Lincs-Ark.   She is a graduate of The Faber Academy.
She lives with her rescue dog and cats near Boston, Lincolnshire, around 40 minutes’ drive from the Lincolnshire Wolds, the setting for her Clarice Beech novels.

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