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You Had It Coming by B.M. Carroll – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

You Had It Coming by B.M. Carroll

Genre: Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Viper

About The Book

When paramedic Megan Lowe is called to the scene of an attempted murder, all she can do is try to save the victim. But as the man is lifted onto a stretcher, she realises she knows him. She despises him. Why should she save his life when he destroyed hers?
Jess Foster is on her way home when she receives a text from Megan. Once best friends, the two women haven’t been close for years, not since the night when they were just the teenage girls whom no-one believed; whose reputations were ruined. All
Jess can think is, you had it coming.
Now Megan and Jess are at the centre of a murder investigation. But what secrets are they hiding? Can they trust one another? And who really is the victim?

My Thoughts

I love books that put you in the abyss and make you take a difficult choice; they make you think, balance the pros and cons; but in the end, the answer is more emotional than you ever thought…This is a very addictive and twisted read, sometimes it’s not easy, but uncomfortable enough to keep you reading and wanting for more. The story is told between different voices, two old friends and a detective… they will be linked in a very twisted case. Because even if Megan and Jess were old friends, it’s been years since they’ve spoken, the past changed them forever. And now, this past has returned to hunt them… or maybe they will set them free? For me, even if the main characters are Jess and Megan, what links them together is Bridget, the detective, her paced and thoughtful way to act. There are some quotes that I will remember for a long time!

“How did he get to the point where his sense of right and wrong was so warped that he thought the only answer – for all of them – was death? It’s a tragedy of epic proportions. Three families blown asunder. Why is so hard for man to talk?”

As I said previously, this book will make you uncomfortable, because being at the skin of a victim while you have to face your aggressor is not easy, never, but it will be more difficult if after their meeting everything around their life crumbles down…This is a book with layers and layers; secrets, lies and pain. The secrets we keep from ourselves and the ones surrounding us to make us strong; to feel less pain. “You Had It Coming” is a book you’ll not forget, believe me.

About The Author

B.M. Carroll was born in Blarney, a small village in Ireland. The third child of six, reading was her favourite pastime (and still is!). Ber moved to Sydney in 1995 and spent her early career working in finance. Her work colleagues were speechless when she revealed that she had written a novel that was soon to be published. Ber now writes full-time and is the author of ten novels, including Who We Were, published by Viper in 2020.


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