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And It’s A Beautiful Day, A Fargo Companion by Nige Tassell – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

And It’s A Beautiful Day, A Fargo Companion by Nige Tassell

Genre: Non-Fiction
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Polaris Publishing Limited

About The Book

Fargo was the Coen brothers’ break-out film, a brutal and darkly comic tale that became their biggest commercial success while also earning them their first Academy Award (for Best Original Screenplay). Its star, Frances McDormand, picked up the Best Actress gong.
Ahead of the 25th anniversary of its release, Nige Tassell revisits the film to unpick its intricate plot of abduction, deceit and murder; to salute its unforgettable characters (among them McDormand’s police chief Marge Gunderson, William H Macy’s amoral car salesman Jerry Lundegaard and Steve Buscemi’s loudmouth kidnapper Carl Showalter); and to celebrate its ever-quotable screenplay.
Tassell, a former resident of Minnesota, also revisits the snowy killing fields in which the film is set, stopping off at particular locations and examining the culture and character of the state’s inhabitants.
The result is an entertaining, insightful and esoteric deep dive that will shine fresh light on a film adored by many. Greed, money, blood, pancakes, woodchippers and maximum-tog outerwear. All human life is here.

My Thoughts

I don’t normally read non-fiction books, I think they are too close to reality to help me disconnect like fiction books do. But I have to admit, this is an exception, this book is based on one of my favourite movies; Fargo. I saw it when I was young, so maybe this was what marked me, or maybe it was the story, so crude and dark that it was impossible to talk about it.
This book is a remembrance of this iconic movie; I am not sure if you’ve seen it but I would really recommend it to watch it. And after that, read the book, because it’s very interesting how the author compares the movie with the real acts that happened in Minneapolis in 1987.
The story is about a salesman who needs money and decides to contract two men to kidnap her wife, expecting that his rich father in-law will pay the ransom. Shortly after, the plans will turn to a twisted way changing the world forever to everyone involved.
This book is a memory trip, how the author compares the reality and the movie; how this multi-awarded movie creates the perfect climax for the movie; the weather, the songs, the accents from the characters… 
I have to admit that it was impossible to not read the book and watch the movie after, to connect with all the details that are explained in the book and understand some little bits that were left missing the other times.
This is an amazing book for a film lover, but if you haven’t watched “Fargo” I am sure that this is the best way to make you do it and then understand why this book is so amazing!
Are you ready for “And It’s A Beautiful Day”?

About The Author

Nige Tassell has written about popular culture for a range of publications, including The Guardian, The Sunday Times,GQ, Esquire, The Word, Q, New Statesman and many others.
And It’s A Beautiful Day is his sixth book.

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