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Love and Miss Harris by Peter Maughan – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

Love and Miss Harris by Peter Maughan

Genre: Mystery
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Farrago Books

About The Book

Titus Llewellyn-Gwlynne, actor/manager of the Red Lion Theatre, has lost a backer who was going to fund a theatrical tour – when unexpected salvation appears.
Their home theatre in the East End of London having been bombed during the war, The Red Lion Touring Company embarks on a tour of Britain to take a play written by their new benefactress into the provinces.
This charming series transports the reader to a lost post-war world of touring rep theatre and once-grand people who have fallen on harder times, smoggy streets, and shared bonhomie over a steaming kettle.
The mood is whimsical, wistful, nostalgic, yet with danger and farce along the way.

My Thoughts

I was intrigued with this book, I was hoping to see a variety of characters with eccentric situations and a good laugh; after reading it I was not disappointed at all! It exceeded my expectations; I wasn’t expecting a mystery!
This is a colorful book like the cover; don’t expect boredom or boring characters, they all have something special on them, that’s why this trip is so exciting and so full of mischief, with these special characters it’s impossible that something will go right.
Funding a theatre is not something easy, after the war the Red Lion Theatre needs funding and the company decides to make a tour through Britain with their new benefactor ideas…
I’ll admit that at the beginning it was a little bit difficult to follow all the characters, but they were needed in the story, they all have their part on the team and a story to tell. So, even if this is a light read with a lot of humor in it, there are some real stories behind it, to make you feel identified and understand the characters’ situation.
This is an easy story to enter and fall in love with, even if it’s a historical fiction, you feel transported to every place they visit and be part of the troupe. Well written and plotted I hope this will not be the only adventure of this special group; I am sure they have more adventures to follow!
Are you ready to discover “Love And Miss Harris”?

About The Author

Peter Maughan’s early career covered many trades, working on building sites, in wholesale markets, on fairground rides and in a circus. He studied at the Actor’s Workshop in London, and worked as an actor in the UK and Ireland, subsequently founding a fringe theatre in Barnes, London. He is married and lives currently in Wales.


One thought on “Love and Miss Harris by Peter Maughan – Blog Tour

  1. Thank you (I couldn’t find a name) for your lovely review. It is, I can tell you, much appreciated. And yes, there are more adventures on their way – I’m currently writing a follow up – Miss Harris in the New World – in which they tour American in their Number 9 bus.
    My very best of wishes – Peter.

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