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The Three Impossibles by Susie Bower  – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

The Three Impossibles by Susie Bower

Genre: Young Fiction
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Pushkin Children’s Books
Amazon, Hive

About The Book

Mim grew up surrounded by secrets. On the day she was born, her mother died and a strange curse was cast on her family. Ever since, she’s been isolated in a dismal castle behind high walls, forbidden from venturing to the Outside. But Mim has never been able to stop asking questions. And when her father hires a bogus governess, Madame Marionette – who brings along an entourage of thugs and a secret, caged ‘pet’ – Mim sets her enquiring mind to work on unravelling the mysteries all around her. Longing for a taste of freedom, she is willing to break all the rules to set out on an epic quest for the truth. But will it be enough to bring happiness back to the lonely castle?

My Thoughts

Who doesn’t love a good adventure with magic, interesting characters and curses? I am in!
I have to say that it was easy to fall in love with Mim and her enquiring mind. She has been isolated since she was a child after being cursed, but her mind never stopped trying to discover the truth. Now that her 11th birthday is soon, her father will contract the scary Madame Marionette to prepare her to be a princess. This will start a dangerous adventure, of course her path will not be easy and she will meet some magical creatures, create alchemy and try to solve the Three Impossibles. Not an easy trip for a 11 years old, believe me, but she will have a good friend on her side that will help her on the scariest moments.
I loved how this story puts a little girl in a difficult quest, showing to young readers that anything is impossible if you trust in yourself. I’ll admit that I enjoyed this story, but I would have loved to know more about the magic that appears on the book and more about Mim. Maybe there will be a second book?
Either way, this book is full of adventure and any curious mind will love to be part, even adults, believe me!
Are you ready for the “The Three Impossibles”?

About The Author

By the time she hit her teens, Susie Bower had lived in 8 houses and attended 7 schools. This theme continued in her working life: she’s been a teacher, a tour-guide, a typist, a workshop facilitator, a PA and a painter. She formerly wrote and directed TV programmes for children at the BBC and Channel 4, and she currently writes audio scripts for use in primary schools. Susie lives in Bristol, UK

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