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Phosphate Rocks: A Death in Ten Objects by Fiona Erskine – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

Phosphate Rocks: A Death in Ten Objects by Fiona Erskine

Genre: Thriller
Rating: 4’5/5
Publisher: SandstonePress

About The Book

During the demolition of a factory, a shocking discovery is made: a mummified corpse encased in a carapace of hardened dust – phosphate rock – surrounded by ten objects that provide tantalising clues as to its identity…

My Thoughts

First of all I’ll admit that I love the cover and how this mystery is created, original and very well plotted!
I love science, it always intrigues and fascinates me, if you don’t like it don’t worry, the author will not bore you but maybe it will make you see science from a different perspective…
When a body is found in a demolished factory, no one knows who could be, the only way to discover the identity is by using 10 objects around the body… The story will be told around these 10 objects, about some of their chemical composition and the relation with the victim; each object will have a special story to tell.
I loved this book, it’s so different and well plotted that I was thinking about it all day! Again, science is a big part of my life, so seeing how an author created a mystery story mixing chemistry and objects surprised me, in a very good way!
This is a story within multiples stories, a book to let flow and enjoy science, because it will surprise you, believe me.
Are you ready for “Phosphate Rocks”?

About The Author

A professional engineer with forty years of international manufacturing experience, Fiona Erskine’s first graduate job was in the factory described in Phosphate Rocks. Born in Edinburgh, Fiona grew up riding motorbikes and jumping into cold water. After studying chemical engineering at university, she learned to weld, cast and machine with apprentices in Paisley. As a professional engineer she has worked and travelled internationally and is now based in the North East of England. Her first novel, The Chemical Detective, which was shortlisted for the Specsavers Debut Crime Novel Award 2020, was followed by The Chemical Reaction.


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