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The Runner by P.R. Black – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

The Runner by P.R. Black

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Rating: 3’5/5
Publisher: Head of Zeus

About The Book

You can’t escape him.
He abducts lone joggers and forces them to run for their lives. When he catches them, he pulls out his blade…Now he’s locked away and will be in prison for years. They call him a psychopath, a murderer, the ‘Woodcutter Killer’.
But what if you just found out you’re supposed to call him father

My Thoughts

This is a slow paced psychological thriller, with multiple characters and a killer that will hunt you to your dreams. Are you ready to run?
I’ll admit that I struggled a little with this book, not because it was not twisted or interesting but because I didn’t feel connected with the main character, Freya Bain. She seemed too soluble for my taste. Let me be honest, if my mum ever told me that my father was a serial killer, I would never go to prison to meet him, even less believe him to be innocent. Maybe I am too cautious or not trustworthy enough, but I struggled to believe that the man that was in prison for being “Woodcutter Killer” was innocent, too many red flags to trust any worth that came out from his mouth… But this is what the author wants, they show you how a sweet young woman wanting to find her missing father believes anything that a presumed killer is saying, even believing his innocence.
The book is well plotted and has different characters that will make the story complete; the blogger addicted to the case, the crazy writer who wants the exclusive book, the amazing lawyer that believes in his client innocence and of course, the retired police officer that is ready to do anything to keep the “killer” in jail. And then we have Freya, she is so innocent in her father’s hands that is ready to believe anything he says, even following the mysterious clues that someone is leaving for her. That’s why you start to believe that the man in prison is the killer, how is it possible that the missing victims are appearing? Who is contacting Freya?
The book puts you in a complicated position, what to believe, the innocence or the guiltiness of Gareth Solomon?
You’ll have to decide… for now, just read “The Runner”!

About The Author

Pat Black is kind to spiders.
He is the author of The Long Dark Road and the Amazon bestsellers, The Beach House and The Family.
His short stories have been shortlisted for awards including the Bridport Prize and the BloodyScotland short story competition. He was also long listed for the William Hazlitt essay prize. He was named one of the winners of The Daily Telegraph’s Ghost Stories competition, and his work has been performed on stage in London by Liars’ League.He lives in Yorkshire, but will always belong to Glasgow. He knows full well what your opinions are about people who talk about themselves in the third person

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