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What Goes Around by Ann Bloxwich – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

What Goes Around by Ann Bloxwich

Genre: Mystery
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Dark Edge Press

About The Book

Becky Wilson is dating Ray Diamond, legendary stripper and renowned bad boy. She goes backstage to see him during a show with friends and disappears.
When a woman’s body is found behind the club, DI Alex Peachey and his team are called in to find out who killed Becky. But with his home life in turmoil, delving into the adult entertainment industry is the last thing he needs, especially with a case as complex as a spider’s web. But due to his colleague’s sudden illness he doesn’t have a choice.
Ray Diamond claims he’s being framed. His complete disregard for others means there are a lot of people who would love to see him fall from his pedestal. The question is, does anyone hate him enough to push him? And will DI Peachey be able to prove him culpable of murder before he strikes again?

My Thoughts

This book has surprised me, I was going for a mystery case, where you have to catch a cold killer; but this book has a deeper core, where you’ll pity the victim and hope that the world sometimes is not so difficult.
The story starts like most of the mystery cases, there’s a victim and the police are investigating who is the possible victim and who could have killed her. Everything will point to a horrible man, Ray, who thinks that he is God and disrespects any human-being that is around him, woman or man.
It’s not difficult to hate Ray and think that he is the killer, every time he opens his mouth I would slap him, a person that I would not love to meet or have near me. Even the police suspects him, but they need a motive and some clues to relate him to the murder. But then things start getting dark and you start doubting that he is really the killer… Could it be that someone is trying to blame him? So many questions and the only way to discover the answer is to read the book!
The case is an important part of this book but there’s the glance of the lead investigator life and how DI Alex Peachey is having problems at home with his troubled son and his wife. I think this part of the story shows us how the detectives try to balance their working life with their personal life, it’s not easy and it will affect him, but that’s what makes this book real and see the police force in some fresh eyes.
This is a book easy to read and to enter to the story, short chapters and very well portrait characters that will keep you turning pages without noticing. I really hope this will not be the only case we’ll read from DI Alex Peachey, I loved them!
Are you ready for “What Goes Around”?

About The Author

Ann is a married mother of four grown-up children. Her passions include books, cats and rock music. She started writing around ten years ago, but struggled until she discovered a crime writing workshop, called Crime and Publishment, established by author, Graham Smith, in Gretna Green.
The support and encouragement she received from her peers, on the course, was fantastic and it prompted her to move with her family from the West Midlands to Scotland, so she could concentrate on her writing. She has had short stories published in two anthologies, titled Happily Never After and Wish You Weren’t Here, with all profits going to local charities.


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