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P.KUMIKO: a Miniature Japanese Lamp Paper Model Kit – Kickstarter Project

Today I am sharing with you another curious and weird project from Kickstarter, the P. Kumiko, a paper model series that combines traditional art with practical modern-day use. The project is inspired by origami (折り紙) and Kumiko (組子), a Japanese paper folding art and woodworking technique. This kit puts both traditional Japanese art forms together. It delivers the joy of model building, the beauty of Kumiko patterns, and the ownership of a Japanese lantern/lamp.

Each P.Kumiko model takes an average of 90 minutes to complete. Online instructions are provided to guide you through step by step. All of the cardboard paper and tiny objects have been printed and pre-cut; the electronic parts have been soldered and ready for you to create your own P.Kumiko.

P.Kumiko can be used as a Lamp or a Lantern, the design makes use of the axial symmetry properties of Kumiko patterns allowing you to turn them upside down.

There are 9 designs to choose from…

I know, this is a curious product, but I always love handmade products, so, being able to paint if you want and able to choose the design makes this product perfect as a gift or simply as a decoration to any house, don’t you think?

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