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Codename Firefly by C.J. Daugherty – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

Codename Firefly by C.J. Daugherty

Genre: Action, Young Adult
Source: Midas PR
Rating: 4’5/5
Publisher: Moonflower Publishing

About the Book

Assassins are hunting the daughter of the Prime Minister… How long will she hide before it’s time to fight back? Gray Langtry is on the run. As the only child of the British Prime Minister, Gray’s life has been in turmoil ever since her mother was chosen to lead the country. Both she and her mother are targets of a Russian assassination plot. And what’s worse, members of her mother’s own cabinet are involved. A team of bodyguards never leaves her side. The press attention is relentless. And then there are the death threats. Now, after an attempt on Gray’s life, she has been moved to an elite boarding school in the British countryside. Shielded by high walls and locked gates, Gray finally feels safe, but the plotters are still hunting, and soon they will find her. Gray’s personal bodyguard, Julia, and the school’s young headmistress are determined to protect her. They both know how dangerous things are. The assassins searching for Gray are highly trained. And when they arrive they will aim to kill. Dylan, a mysterious American student, seems to know more than he should – but he’s always there when Gray needs him. Can she trust him? Can she trust anyone? As winter closes in and darkness falls, Gray will have to think fast. The hunters are coming.

My Thoughts

I’ll start saying that I loved the first book of this series; focused on the daughter of the Prime Minister, she sees her life changing in front of her eyes when she discovers that there’s an assassination plan to kill her and her mother. Of course she survives the first ride, but now that she knows that her life is threatened she is sent to a very mysterious boarding school at the countryside. As you can imagine, life at a new school without friends or anyone to talk is never easy, but if you are hiding for your life things will be much more difficult!
I have to say that it’s so easy to get lost with the “Number 10” series, that even if it’s focused to young adult readers, I am sure anyone will love the books.
It’s easy to understand Gray’s thoughts and actions; she knows she can trust her bodyguard, but apart from her? She doesn’t know that the danger can be hunting for her around every corner. Also, she will struggle with her own fears when she’ll have to add the typical problems of fitting in a new place.
I really loved this book, so easy to get lost in the story; turning pages without noticing it and loving the main characters! Are you ready to discover “Codename Firefly”?

About The Author

International bestselling author CJ Daugherty is a former newspaper reporter and crime writer. Her Night School series has been translated into 24 languages, and has been a bestseller in multiple countries. She also writes The Echo Killing crime series under the name Christi Daugherty.

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