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Sometimes I wonder if the toys I buy are for my son or for me, some toys are perfect to distract both adults and children, believe me! That’s why today I am writing about the brand “EatSleepDoodle”. I am a fan of their products for a while and I don’t know why I haven’t written about it before, the products and designs are super original and they can make your children to have fun without screens!

So, let’s talk a little about “EatSleepDoodle”, it was created by the journalist Chrissie Probert Jones on 2010; on her desire to encourage “creativity”. And, with the award wining ‘doodle duvet’ it was not difficult to create more products for the same range.

The “EatSleepDoodle” range is quite extensive; from mats to duvets, anything that you could think that will make you paint for hours. But you know what I really love about this products, is that after you spend hours coloring them, the fun doesn’t end, because you can enjoy your products personalized by yourself everyday. I think this is probably why I love this brand so much, how many times I’ve bought books for my son to paint and then when he finished them, we didn’t know what to do with them, now you can use the artist canvas forever!

All the products come with a set of ten wash-out fabric pens, that you can use again and again; and when they are worn out, you can buy a new set.
I’ll admit that I still haven’t bought their products, I am waiting for their Christmas range, I’ve seen some images and I really can’t wait to buy a Christmas stocking to decorate my home! Let’s be honest, I’ll buy three, this way we’ll not fight to paint only one!!

If you are looking for an original product that you can use again and again and keep your little ones away from the screens; this should be your choice, believe me!


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