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Feeding The Gods by Elizabeth Harrison – Blog Tour

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Feeding The Gods by Elizabeth Harrison

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Book Guild Publishing Ltd

About The Book

Roberta, Rosie, Sandra and Linda meet at college in the 70s and remain constant friends, despite life’s up and downs.
The sudden death of one of the friends leads the others to suspect that a slimming drug she had been taking was perhaps to blame.
Was this a wonder drug or a threat to life?
The friends start to uncover long held secrets and betrayals – both personal and professional, but the pharmaceutical industry is not yet finished with them. Feeding the Gods is a thriller that addresses friendships, the different roles a woman must take on through life and the power of the drug giants.

My Thoughts

The word friendship means “the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends”; but let’s be honest, there are so many different types of friendship that it’s impossible to describe all of  them.
This is the story of four friends; Linda, Sandra, Rosie and Roberta; they had been friends since the 70’s, now one of them is dead… While they have to face the grief of one of them in strange circumstances, the lies and betrayals from these last years will surface, making their friendship to struggle.
This is a book about friendship, there’s not doubt in it, but also the power of pharmaceuticals and corruption. It’s not difficult to feel connected with the characters of the story but also to hate how we all believe in the power of the “perfect pill”; even if the story is fiction, I could relate on how I distrust pharmaceuticals and the power they have in the government. I really could read a novel with all my trust issues with the power the pharmaceuticals have in our world, I think maybe more than politics? And that’s one of the reasons why I enjoyed this book so much, how it makes you distrust whatever you read about pills, the friendship between the characters and the mystery to know what really happened.
If you want to read something different, this is the book you should read! Ready for “Feeding the Gods”?

About The Author

Elizabeth Harrison is the pen name of Denise Harrison (Dee) and Elizabeth Buxton (Liz), two friends, writing together.
Feeding the Gods is set principally in South Manchester and Cheshire, which is the area where the authors grew up, married, and had their children. Liz decided to make her career on the high seas, crewing the Atlantic, and living aboard a yacht sailing the Mediterranean, whilst Dee was involved in the start-up and development of two successful software companies.
Speaking on why they wrote the book, Dee and Elizabeth say, “We have known each other since we were five years old and when we both had more time on our hands, writing together seemed the thing to do. We both feel that the picture depicted of women’s lives in the 1960s and 1970s is so often misleading. Talk of a sexual revolution in this period was not the experience for most women. The contraceptive pill was largely unavailable to unmarried women and bringing a child up on your own was not supported by society. If you became pregnant, you got married or had an illegal abortion. Marriage was still seen as a career and consequently women were beholden to the good nature of their husband. Professional jobs for women were invariably in a support function. Things began to change in the 80s and 90s and this made a huge difference to the life choices for women. However, caring for elderly parents was too often something that landed at the feet of daughters, curtailing any ideas they might have of enjoying their new freedom.
The experiences of the women in Feeding the Gods reflect all these aspects of what was and still is real life for many people and it puts the role of the drug companies in everyday life into frighteningly sharp focus.”


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