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Pizzaitos Plush by Cutetitos

I’ve been having a busy month, traveling a lot and being a single mother for a lot of days. So, the only thing that can keep me sane is a lot of activities to keep my little one happy and busy as much as possible. So, when I bought the cute “Cutetitos” plush by Basic Fun!, I wasn’t expecting my son to fall in love at first sight with the cute plush inside! Really, since the first moment my son opened the “Pizzaitos” the little plush inside has been a new member of our family, he has taken him traveling, to school, for a coffee… I don’t think I was expecting it to be loved so much!

I don’t usually follow the boy/girls rule, if I think something will be fun for my son I buy it, it doesn’t matter if it’s more directed to a boy or a girl. Because, really, I think these walls are only in our society’s minds, kids like what they like, it doesn’t matter the color or the advertising of the toy, if they like it, they like it! No questions or doubts.
So, let’s talk a little about “Cutetitos”, which is a brand that has been around for the last couple of years. The 5th series, called Cutetitos Pizzaitos, are some really cute animals with a “cheesy” flavor and painted with one famous pizza topping. They are not that big, around 20cm and come with a “pizza” wrap to keep them warm.

I was surprised to discover that not only are the plushes different between them but the pizza design is different too. It seems that they’ve taken care of every detail! And even the smell between the different plushies is different and special. Also, I forgot to mention that it comes with a small card, with some details of your new adoption and their birthday date! 😉

There are 12 different models to find, they all come wrapped and you don’t know which design you are buying until you unwrap them. Of course, depending on your luck you’ll find a common, non-common, rare or super-rare… But let me tell you something, they are all so cute that in the end it will not matter the rarity of the animal you have, it will be a first love sight, believe me.

I think this has been an amazing discovery, I am already looking to buy a new one for him, I think this can be an amazing surprise for Christmas!
Do you like plushies? Do you have any of the previous “Cutetitos” plushies? Tell me!
You can buy them on Amazon or Smyths for £9. 😉


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