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Good Cop, Bad Cop by Simon Kernick – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

Good Cop, Bad Cop by Simon Kernick

Genre: Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Headline

About The Book

It’s 14 years after the worst terrorist atrocity in UK history and, with the perpetrators either dead or missing, the motive remains a mystery.  But Dr Ralph Teller, a wealthy industrialist who lost his wife in the attack, never gave up hope of justice.  He thinks he knows the real identity of the mastermind responsible.
Only one person can help him put together the final pieces of the puzzle – retired police officer Chris Sketty, who infiltrated the terrorist group and was wounded trying to prevent the attack. But Cleverly thinks Sketty is a liar… and possibly far worse He has a dossier on all the former cop’s dark secrets and will make them public unless Sketty tells the truth.
So, over one night, Sketty will share his brutal tale of betrayal, ruthlessness and corruption, finishing with a revelation so terrifying and unexpected that it will change everything. Is Sketty a brave hero, crippled in the line of duty, or the most ruthless mass murderer the country has ever seen?

My Thoughts

Good Cop, Bad Cop… let’s be honest, with just the title this book intrigued me. Because you know from the first page that Chris Sketty, the main character of the story, is hiding something, something really big! But, the one who makes him start telling the story, Dr Ralph Teller, doesn’t seem quite honest either. I know that I’ve read a few thriller books (never too many), so my instinct told me that this was not a simple book, with multiple twists and surprises it was really impossible to not want to know more!
This is a fast paced story, full of action, mystery and twists.
The story is told backwards, Sketty will be questioned by the husband of one of the victims, Dr Ralph Teller, who doesn’t believe his story. Believe me when I say that since the first page I couldn’t stop reading. It’s a book that attracted me since the first page, ready for a ride I was eager to do with everything included.
Chris Sketty will be offered a job as an infiltrator to a dangerous terrorist cell, without anyone to know if or to really support him if there’s any problem. So, I always wonder in these situations, when you are being the “bad” but not being bad, how much can you cross to the grey side? This was a question that popped often in my mind while reading this book or watching infiltrate movies… 
This is a book I really enjoyed, perfect to keep your adrenaline pushing and keep reading!
Are you ready to discover “Good Cop, Bad Cop”?

About The Author

Simon Kernick is a number one bestseller and one of the UK’s most popular thriller writers,
with huge hits including RELENTLESS, THE LAST 10 SECONDS, SIEGE and THE BONE FIELD series.


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