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The Whole of the Moon by Kevin McManus – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

The Whole of the Moon by Kevin McManus

Genre: Mystery
Source: Random Things Tours
Publisher: Dark Edge Press

About The Book

Decisions can change a life… or take it.
Conor Doyle is a haunted man. In the winter of 1988, he returns from London to his old home town in Western Ireland, hoping to find a reason to stay. What he thought would be a joyful reunion becomes something more, as he’s drawn into the fallout surrounding a shocking crime.
While the Irish Garda are looking for the prime suspect, Conor’s relationships are tested with jealousy and betrayal, and he must look deep inside himself to make the decision that will change his life forever.

My Thoughts

It’s not difficult to fall for a story when you live around the places that you describe, don’t you think?
This story is based on the winter of 1988, and Conor Doyle returns home and instead of finding the peace he was looking for, he will have to investigate a murder!
This is a mystery book, yes, but what really moves the story is the scenery and the characters; the little town villagers’ secrets and lies. I don’t think all crime books have to be full of action, sometimes, a slow paced mood makes you focus more on details and maybe something that you would not pay attention to in any other way. That’s possibly why I liked this book, it’s not a twisted story, but the personal stories of the main characters.
If you want to travel to Ireland’s past with a paced story, believe me, you should take a chance on this one!Are you ready for “The Whole of the Moon”?

About The Author

Kevin McManus is an award winning writer from Western Ireland. He is an active member of the CWA (The international Crime Writers Association). In 2016 the author was awarded the Leonard Trophy for his writing and in 2017 and 2018 Under the Red Winter Sky and New Blood were voted the best Crime Novels of the year out of 2000 nominated books.
In April 2021 SpellBound books published “Death Rains Down” the first in a series of crime novels by the author featuring the Irish Detective, Ray Logue.
Spellbound published the second book in the Ray Logue series “Nine Lives” in July 2021 In Autumn 2020, Kevin McManus published his first poetry anthology entitled, Spirits in the
In Spring 2021, Kevin McManus published his second poetry selection, “Songs of Better days” In November 2021, Dark Edge Press will publish “The Whole of the Moon” a novel by Kevin McManus which is set in Ireland in the late 1980s


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