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Starry Skies in Ferry Lane Market by Nicola May – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

Starry Skies in Ferry Lane Market by Nicola May

Genre: Romance
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Source: Rachel Random Resources
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

When Star Bligh got pregnant at the age of sixteen, she thought her life was over. Now thirty-three, mother to Skye and owner of the successful jewellery stall in Ferry Lane Market in Hartmouth, Cornwall, she wouldn’t change a thing about it.Well, maybe one. A few months ago she fell hard for American visitor Jack, but then he left without even saying goodbye and ever since she has struggled to get him out of her head. Until the handsome, roguish Conor turns up and sweeps her off her feet. But then one day, Star is shocked to bump into Jack. He’s back in Hartmouth to tell her why he left-but is she ready to listen?As things get more complicated with her love life, another revelation threatens to turn the lovely world she has built for her and Skye upside down. But could this be the one thing that will make it complete?

My Thoughts

A sweet story about love, family and friendship, who could say no to visit the “Ferry Lane Market”?
This is the story of Star Bligh, who never had an easy life; she got pregnant when she was young and now that her amazing daughter is getting older maybe it’s time to start taking care of herself.
Star’s love life has never been easy, she is trying to start anew after her last boyfriend returned to the US without an explanation… Is it time to forget him or to ask for answers? Of course, it will not be as easy as it seems, thoughts and feelings are never easy to talk about or to accept… Are you ready to discover them?
This is the second book of the series Ferry Lane Market, you can read it as a standalone, but the characters are so lovely and the story so addictive that I am sure you’ll want to read the full series!
This is a story to wonder if it’s worth getting second chances, to search for answers you maybe are not ready to… But believe me, this book will make you smile and believe in happiness. Because, in the end, it doesn’t matter what you choose, only that you are happy.
Ready for a trip to the “Starry Skies in Ferry Lane Market”?

About The Author

Nicola May writes ‘chick lit with a kick’ and is the internationally bestselling author of eleven romantic comedies. All have appeared in the Kindle bestseller charts.The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay became the best-selling Kindle book in the UK across all genres in January 2019 andMarch 2020 respectively. It was also the second best-selling eBook of 2019 in the UK.Nicola’s book shave also been sold in many languages.

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